Fung (also called "Dirk" in some concept artwork) is a character in the Nicktoon Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is a crocodile who serves as the leader of a band of crocodile bandits. Fung and his bandit followers made their first appearance in "The Princess and the Po" when they temporarily succeeded in stealing Princess Mei Li's valuable possessions before being thwarted by Po, Tigress, and Mantis. Fung and his bandits continue to appear regularly in the series.

Fung and his fellow bandits seem to steal and rob as they see fit. Fung in particular seems to be somewhat tougher than his cohorts, whose bumbling behavior seemed to embarrass him. Fung has a habit of throwing down his helmet and yelling "Darn it!" when he's frustrated. Even so he does not wish to hurt anyone, just rob them. He also have a softer side when he came back for Po when Jong Sung Jai Kai Chow captured him, when he told his Terra Cotta Warrors to stop fighting his friends, and when he stopped Po from nearly killing Shifu when they lied to him about Po being a bandit when he lost his memory.

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