Gahri is a minor character in the Nicktoon Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is one of the many crocodile bandit followers of Fung.

Gahri is often shown throughout the series as very clumsy, apologetic, and often says that he has to go to the bathroom. He is seen in "The Break Up" as neat and sensitive. He is also seen as loyal to both Fung and Mr. Ping. He is also shown to be smart.


So far, Gahri has has had only one large role in the series (the episode "The Break Up"), but he is the source of a couple of running gags, such as continuously annoying and questioning Fung, and having his name mispronounced as "Gary". He is the only bandit besides Fung and Wall Eye that has had a speaking role. Over the course of the series his roles have become more pronounced and he has become a bigger character.

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