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The gigglepies are cute little alien bunnies that plan to desrtoy Yogoptamia to sell murchandise. The gigglepies are in "So Totally Spaced Out", an episode of The Fairly Odd Parents. The gigglepies are prizes in Invader O's cereal , a Yogoptamian ceareal. The gigglepies look like stuffed bunnies, but they are alive. Each gigglepie has giant eyes used for hypnotising, a heart shaped nose, and large bunny ears used to even pick up the slightest sound. The gigglepies also have antennas on their head and necklaces. The necklaces match their personality. Also , their names match their personality. The main gigglepies are Trilly the trust gigglepie, Boo Boo the funny gigglepie, and Overlord Glee the leader of the gigglepies. The gigglepies can hypnotise people with their cuteness, sometimes they do not fool pepole. Timmy is always bored of cutness and knew what Overlord Glee had done. He was worried about the Yogoptamians. Trilly the trust gigglepie is the only gigglepie who is not evil. When Cosmo, Wanda , and Timmy went to Yogoptamia to see why mark was so afraid. Then they met Trilly the trust gigglepie. Trilly helped them and showed them around the new planet. Trilly introduced them to Boo Boo the funny gigglepie. Then Trilly and Boo Boo tickled Timmy. Timmy knew Overlord Glee had captured the Yogoptamians. Then a marching band of gigglepies came singing and was marching with a giant puple rabbit. Cosmo and Wanda loved the gigglepies. They were hypnotised. Then the gigglepies threw them into the castle. Then they met Overlord Glee. Overlord glee explained their plan and put all the Yogpotamians in cages. Then Overlord Glee sent the other gigglepies after Timmy. They sweetly tickled Timmy to distract him. Then Trilly not knowing Timmy is in trouble went to see Cosmo and Wanda. She loved Cosmo and Wanda. She tried to show them a magic trick but they had to save Timmy. Cosmo did not want to defeat the gigglepies, because they were so cute. Then he took a bite of Boo Boo's arm and found out they were made of manure . Then the Yogo.ptamians wanted to eat them, but they were not hungry. Timmy wished they were hungry. The Yogopotamians ate most of the gigglepies. Trilly was not eaten . At the end of the episode, she ened up in a new box of Invader O's. Then the creators of Invader O's sold more gigglepies. Some of them invaded Earth , but Trilly did not. The gigglepies ended up at Unwish Island. Overlord Glee was on the stadium, cheering on other Unwishes to attack Timmy. Two other gigglepies were on the stadium next to Overlotrd Glee. The gigglepies were mostly silent in Timmy's secret wish.

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