Gimme the Wand C&N

"Gimme the Wand" is a song sung by Norm the Genie and Cosmo in The Fairly OddParents special "Fairy Idol".

It starts out with originally only Norm singing, then Cosmo joins in. 


Norm the Genie: I'm a swinging G-E-N-I-E Huh? Hey Let me tell you what that spells to me

When I'm shoved in a lamp, It's cold and damp, man! My wishing power stops at 3 And that's pretty dang annoying to me

I want that crazy power you fairies got To grant those wishes that you grant a lot Hey! To give each and every child a great big smile To me this means a lot, it ain't no evil plot


Gimme the wand, and you'll all see Gimme the wand, your fairy, I'd be Gimme the wand, a-da-do-da-dee I'll make you a natural blonde, if you give me the wand (Shoo-doop-shoo-be-do-wah)

(snake charmer music playing)

Cosmo: I'm a... oh hang on, F-A-I-R-Y We did our very best for this buck toothed guy (Shoop-bah-doo-bap-Dooby-doo-wah!) That vest-wearing slob He may want our job

Norm: Well, duh.

Cosmo: But give us One more try You really can't deny

Cosmo and Norm: Give us the wand, we'll have a ball (Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow!)

Norm: Give me the wand

Wanda: He'll enslave you all! (Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow!)

Cosmo and Norm: Give us the wand, a-do-doo-dow (Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow!)

We really hope, you all respond

Come on, give us the wand

And set me free


Give us the wand, and hear our plea (Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow) Give us the wand, a-doo-dah-dee (Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow) Don't let yourself be conned Now give us the wand.

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