Gord and vegans

Gord is a villain in Mr. Meaty. He was the owner of Soy What and hired Parker to be his new employee. Gord then revealed one day, that he and his fellow vegans were planning to eat Parker making them cannibals and read the circle of life chart and just as they were about to kill Parker, Josh rushed to save Parker and a battle began between the vegans and Josh and Parker (with no help from the cowardly Gord). When te Mr. Meaty guys won, Parker rubbed a sausage/boomerang in Gord's face and told him not to mess with the meat boys. Gord lost the respect of his employees and they went to work for Mr. Meaty.

In the episode Protest, Gord planned revenge on Josh and Parker by protesting against Mr. Meaty and it was once again up to Josh and Parker to stop him.

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