H2O- Just Add Water
The following is an episode list for the Australian television show H2O: Just Add Water!, which airs on Network Ten, Disney Channel Australia, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon UK and other television networks worldwide. The series premiered on July 7 2006, and series two concluded on March 21 2008. A third series is planned for early 2009. [1]

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally
DVD release
1 26 2006 September 12 2007 - November 5 2008
(six volumes)
2 26 2007-2008 TBA
3 26 2009-2010 TBA

Episode list

Series one: 2006

Episode Title Original AirDate Production code
01 "Metamorphosis" July 7, 2006 101
Cleo, Emma and Rikki, three different teenage girls, suddenly find they each have a different, extraordinary power over water after a boat trip leaves them stranded on a mysterious island. That is not all: they find that just seconds after touching water, they grow tails! Their lives will change forever as they learn more about their own potential and the power of friendship.
02 "Pool Party" July 14, 2006 102
Despite knowing what water can do, the temptation of Miriam's pool party proves too strong for Cleo and when she is nearly exposed, she must turn to Lewis for help. Rikki, who was the last of the three to discover her power, found out about it when being bugged by Lewis at the juicenet cafe and accidentally heated up a cup of coke.
03 "Catch of the Day" July 21, 2006 103
Cleo does not share her friends' enthusiasm for their new-found abilities. Emma and Rikki's efforts to rescue sea turtles, which are trapped in fishing nets, cause a media frenzy about sharks patrolling the nearby waters. Believing her father to be involved, Cleo takes it upon herself to go after the boat responsible for the illegal fishing practices but finds herself caught in a net. Emma and Rikki save her and Cleo explains everything to her father. It is revealed that an assistant of Cleo's father is to blame. Later, she shows Emma, Rikki and Lewis she can swim.
04 "Party Girls" July 28, 2006 104
Emma travels back to Mako Island where she finds a mysterious locket at the bottom of the moonpool. The risks associated with Cleo's new job at the marine park give her friends cause for concern but Cleo's determination to lead a normal life helps convince Emma to set aside her own concerns and go ahead with her annual sleepover party. Lewis experiments to determine what will change the girls. Miss Chatham makes her first appearance by giving hints to Cleo about her mermaidness when Cleo got splashed by one of the fish that were supposed to be fed to the dolphins.
05 "Something Fishy" August 4, 2006 105
Cleo's secret diary falls into her sister's hands and Kim's suspicions quickly grow into a plot to expose Cleo and rest of the "evil mermaids". Cleo, Rikki, Emma, and Lewis quickly turns their suspicions to Miriam, who Kim thinks is the leader of the pack. Together, Kim and Emma's little brother Elliot, plots to expose all the mermaids during the Miss Sea Queen pageant. Lewis travels to Mako Island to try to find out the cause of the girls' transformation.
06 "Young Love" August 11, 2006 106
While babysitting Emma's brother Elliot, Rikki risks exposing her secret when he gets into trouble surfing. The girls turn to Lewis for advice when Elliot develops a crush on Rikki but the abrasive Rikki has a hard time letting him down gently, resulting in him running away. When Rikki finds him to apologies, however, she risks revealing the mermaid secret to him by almost being locked in a green house that was about to water its plants.
07 "Moon Spell" August 18, 2006 107
Emma throws a birthday party for her dad, but forgets everything and loses her inhibitions when a full moon strikes. Additionally, her mermaid tail will not go away, and her friends must do everything they can to keep their secret.
08 "The Denman Affair" 25 August, 2006 108
The girls reluctantly agree to let Lewis get a research assistant's position with a marine biologist hoping to determine what's behind their transformation, but they have cause for concern when his enthusiasm brings him close to revealing too much information. After leaving behind a DNA sample from Cleo, Lewis is soon offered a lucrative job and has a choice to make about his future.
09 "Dangerous Waters" 1 September, 2006 109
Rikki lands a seemingly harmless job collecting rare fish, but when she learns the man who hired her does not work for the marine park but is instead a dealer selling the fish for big profits, she decides to take on the task of setting things right.
10 "The Camera Never Lies" September 8, 2006 110
A short film contest on the subject of heroes captures the focus of the girls' attention, but a film about Emma's mother is not Rikki's idea of fun and she decides to use her abilities to capture some impressive underwater footage. Ineligible to compete himself, Zane recruits Lewis to document a recreation of his father's famous windsurfing trip to Mako Island and gets trapped by sharks on the shore. Luckily, Rikki was also there filming her "masterpiece" and manages to scare the sharks away with her powers.
11 "Sink or Swim" September 15, 2006 111
Byron asks Emma for training help prior to the school swimming meet. After initially turning him down, she changes her mind but becomes a "heavy training dragon". Lewis continues his experiments on the girls but Rikki does not like being treated like a specimen and does her best to disrupt his research.
12 "The Siren Effect" September 22, 2006 112
After a humiliating public karaoke performance, Cleo's sudden new-found singing ability on the night of a full moon gives her friends cause for concern. When she develops a mysterious Siren-like hold over boys, a sudden rush of admirers gives Cleo the audience she's dreamed of while her panicked father struggles to control the growing crowd.
13 "Shipwrecked" September 28, 2006 113
When Zane causes the enigmatic Miss Chatham to be evicted from her boat, Emma invites her to stay at her home. Overhearing her concern for her "treasure", Zane chases after Miss Chatham seeking compensation for his damaged jet ski when she departs the marina in her boat. Zane attacks Miss Chatham and she passes out. Emma and Lewis arrive in time to help with a medical emergency but when Zane gets trapped on the sinking boat, Emma must risk being seen as a mermaid to save him. When Zane passes out, Emma saves him and he sees her tail. Zane passes out and Emma takes him to Mako Island. Zane wakes up and he decides to find the sea monster who saved him. Emma gives Miss Chatham her treasure, which is a locket. Miss Chatham moves to a retirement home.
14 "Surprise!" October 6, 2006 114
Cleo is counting the days until her sixteenth birthday, fully aware that her big day can only be ruined by one thing: another of her father's embarrassing birthday parties. Zane embarks on a hunt for the "sea monster" he saw when he nearly drowned and recruits Lewis to help, but Lewis has promised the girls to do everything he can to keep Zane well away from them and Mako Island. Cleo is upset for watching the childish party and escapes to Mako Island, but Lewis and Zane are there. Lewis spots Cleo and tries to stop Zane from seeing her as a mermaid. Lewis and the others have a party at the JuiceNet café for Cleo.
15 "The Big Chill" October 13, 2006 115
Emma is excelling at her new job at the JuiceNet café, but when Wilfred leaves her in charge for an entire weekend, her no-nonsense managerial style puts her at odds with her newest employee: Rikki. Rikki upsets everyone and thanks to that she quits. Miriam sneaks into the café's freezer and causes it to warm up. Emma arrives, and upon noticing the freezer open and warming up, uses her powers to freeze the contents, which includes Miriam, who has hidden inside. The girls are forced to put aside their differences so they can defrost Miriam before Wilfred's return.
16 "Lovesick" October 20, 2006 116
Cleo attracts the attention of a new dolphin at the marine park, but rumours about a new boyfriend have her family and friends determined to discover the identity of Cleo's mysterious beau. Meanwhile, Zane uses Cleo to gain access to the marine park's library and continue his sea monster research, while Cleo's family falls under the impression that she and Zane are going to elope.
17 "Under the Weather" October 27, 2006 117
A sudden thunderstorm forces the girls to feign illness to stay home from school, but in faking their symptoms too well, they attract the attention of doctors eager to study their "rare tropical disease". As the number of people in quarantine grows, Kim begins to suspect a ruse, but a more serious threat develops when a containment unit arrives to take the girls to a hospital for study.
18 "Bad Moon Rising" November 3, 2006 118
Haunted by his encounter with the "sea monster", Zane steps up his investigation, which leads him to Mako Island. Rikki catches a glimpse of the full moon, causing her to lose control of her power. Rikki goes to Mako Island, and later Zane arrives. After they find each other on the island, Rikki kisses Zane, causing him to pass out from dehydration. Emma, Cleo and Lewis followed Rikki to Mako and find her sitting beside Zane, who has no memory of that day's events.
19 "Hurricane Angela" November 10, 2006 119
The arrival of Cleo's cousin Angela is seen by the girl's father as an opportunity for Cleo to learn some maturity and responsibility. However, chaperoning a headstrong girl with a fondness for water quickly brings on its challenges.
20 "Hook, Line and Sinker" November 17, 2006 120
Lewis' excitement about testing his new lure in the annual fishing derby is quelled by Cleo's refusal to renew their traditional partnership for fear of getting wet. Rikki and Zane encounter one another at a business seminar and get trapped on a balcony. The time alone together allows them to get to know one another better. Zane stands up to his father.
21 "Red Herring" November 24, 2006 121
An innocent comment about her dependable nature convinces Emma she needs a change, so she decides to colour her hair. Zane's sea monster investigation leads him to Miss Chatham who he's convinced is at the centre of the mystery. Zane spots a mermaid with red hair, which is Emma getting the picture of Miss Chatham and her mermaid friends from the sunken boat.
22 "Fish Out of Water" December 1, 2006 122
When at the movies, Cleo and Emma spot Zane and Rikki on a date and find out that they are going out. Concerned that Zane will find out their secret, Emma gives Rikki an ultimatum: her and Cleo, or Zane. Harrison Bennett's unveiling of plans to develop Mako Island realigns feelings as Emma joins Rikki's vocal opposition and Zane takes a stand against his father.
23 "In Too Deep" December 8, 2006 123
History may be repeating itself as Rikki's ability to keep the girls' secret is tested when she discovers a locket almost identical to Miss Chatham's in a jeweller's shop. She desperately wants the locket but is unable to tell Zane why it is so important. When Miriam buys it first, Rikki's fierce determination to get it back further draws out Zane's suspicions.
24 "Love Potion #9" December 15, 2006 124
With the school dance approaching, Emma and Cleo are fretting about having to ask Byron and Lewis to go with them, relying on the boys to make the first move. But Byron does not ask Emma, who he thinks is too busy heading up the organising committee, and Lewis is too caught up in his work on a new scientific way to make it easier for the girls to be mermaids, by making them waterproof.
25 "Dr. Danger" December 22, 2006 125
The prospect of going on vacation to a resort with her family does not sit well with Emma and her excuses do not go over well with them. The return of marine biologist Dr. Denman concerns Lewis and the girls but Zane sees a possible ally (or worse, a competitor) in the search for his mermaid. With Mako Island firmly in Denman's sights, the girls' secret is on the verge of being blown out of the water.
26 "A Twist in the Tail" December 29, 2006 126
The hunt for the now identified mermaids intensifies as Dr Denman sets a trap for Cleo, Emma, and Rikki at Mako Island, then forcing Zane to make a decision about where his loyalties lie: with his father or with the girls. A lunar eclipse also gives the girls an opportunity to free themselves from further pursuit by losing their powers, forever. While they are led to believe this is permanent, they eventually discover that the effects of the lunar eclipse has only lasted for twelve hours.

Series two: 2007-2008

Episode Title Original airdate Production code
27 "Control" September 28, 2007 201
It's the night of a full moon, and all three girls accidentally see it. Under its spell, they swim to Mako Island, with Lewis in pursuit. The moon pool enhances their powers due to a special planetary alignment, with Rikki being able to control fire and lightning; Emma being able to control weather and freeze a whole room even though there's no water; and Cleo being able to create wind storms. Under the spell of the moon, together they create a powerful tempest and attack Lewis. The next day, the girls are surprised when they discover their new powers. Upon arriving at Mako Island, they discover Lewis, who explains everything. The girls must work to control these new abilities. Meanwhile, Cleo's parents have divorced, and Cleo is outraged when her father says she must start watching over her sister Kim, starting with a concert.
28 "Fire and Ice" October 5, 2007 202
Lewis has little success when he decides to test the girls' new and unpredictable powers. Emma helps her brother Elliot deal with a meddlesome teammate. Lewis' constant attention is driving Cleo crazy, leading to a frank discussion about their relationship. Meanwhile, at school Cleo accidentally wets a new girl called Charlotte with her powers, then Lewis comes and Cleo introduces her to him. Charlotte is attracted to him straight away. By Charlotte's Japanese paint, the girls learn to control their powers.
29 "Double Trouble" October 12, 2007 203
Zane's reappearance forces Rikki to decide if staying away from him is what she really wants. Can Rikki become involved with Zane again and still keep her secret? As Lewis' new friendship with Charlotte grows to Cleo's dismay, so do Cleo's suspicions about her, but she insists it has nothing to do with jealousy. As repeatedly embarrasses herself trying to reveal to Lewis that she is not as she seems, out of this Charlotte starts to create a negative relationship with Cleo as her and Lewis become closer.
30 "Emma Rebel" October 19, 2007 204
With Emma's parents away for the weekend, Rikki comes over to stay but her behaviour rubs off on Emma, who decides to prove that she too can be a rebel. But is she trying too hard? And can she handle the consequences that come with throwing a party? Lewis tries to become more manly when Nate tells him it may have been why Cleo broke up with him. Also, Cleo gets a secret admirer.
31 "Hocus Pocus" October 26, 2007 205
When Lewis presents the girls with a rare book he discovered about mermaid mythology, Rikki and Emma reluctantly agree to help Lewis and Cleo make a potion that will give the girls the power to grant wishes. For Cleo it's an opportunity to reunite her fractured family, but when the project grows out of control, they must act quickly to clean up the café before Wilfred arrives to shoot a commercial. Charlotte is worried about Lewis spending time with Cleo as her crush on him grows stronger.
32 "Pressure Cooker" November 2, 2007 206
Cleo becomes concerned with Lewis spending time with Charlotte. Lewis insists things between them aren't as they appear, but perhaps he needs to tell that to Charlotte, who is convinced that he's not over Cleo. To make matters worse, Cleo's dad has invited a woman over for dinner. And just when it appears that welcoming a potential stepmother is the worst of Cleo's troubles, she meets her daughter...Charlotte! When Lewis comes over to convince Cleo that there is nothing going on between Charlotte and him, Charlotte tries to convince Cleo that they are dating and flirts with Lewis. Which causes a new enemy and a lost friend.
33 "In Hot Water" November 9, 2007 207
In need of money for a new computer, Lewis decides it is time he finds a job, and as luck would have it, a position becomes available at the aquarium when Cleo is fired. In an effort to help get Cleo her job back, Rikki and Emma set out to prove that serving ice-cream can be the hardest job in the world. But when the the aquarium's star attraction called Ronnie goes missing, Lewis becomes the prime suspect. Emma and Rikki feels they're the blame for Ronnie's disappearance. When Emma and Rikki fails the search, Lewis tells Cleo the blame are Emma and Rikki. Cleo yells at Emma and Rikki and they explain all to Cleo. The girls returns Ronnie to aquarium. The boss apologizes Lewis and rehires Cleo to job.
34 "Wrong Side of the Tracks" November 16, 2007 208
Rikki is embarrassed to tell her friends and Zane where she lives. When Nate and Zane are out riding, Nate steals a tag off Rikki's father's motorbike. Zane is seen when Nate drives off. Zane pressures Rikki to let him meet her father. After much persuasion Rikki takes him to where she lives. He has no problem with it but when he leans in to kiss her, her father catches him and throws him out. Meanwhile Cleo is dealing with a problem concerning Charlotte and Lewis' jacket.
35 "Riding for a Fall" November 23, 2007 209
Emma is forced to take her brother Elliot for riding lessons by her mother. She gets jealous of the riding instructor Ash because he is better than her. Ash asks Emma to leave his horse Rebel to graze and warns her not to let the horse graze on the front yard because of weeds but Rebel does without her seeing. Rebel is poisoned and Emma helps him recover by using her powers. Meanwhile, Lewis is nominated for a prize and invites Cleo, but she thinks it is not a good idea since that they are only friends now, but with Charlotte desperate for wanting to go out with him she invites herself along leading to Lewis to lie to both girls.
36 "Unfathomable" November 30, 2007 210
Cleo fails the biology exam and she must study in entire weekend to correct test what starts in Monday. Cleo must have a help in study, but the helper is Charlotte, not Lewis. While Cleo is studying, Charlotte asks Lewis to being her to Mako Island for sketching the island. When Charlotte arrives to help Cleo, Cleo finds out Charlotte has give Cleo more homework to spend more time with Lewis. Lewis and Charlotte arrives to Mako Island, but they're followed by the girls. Cleo accidentally falls from rock to water what Charlotte hears. Lewis spots Cleo as a mermaid and stops Charlotte to see Cleo as a mermaid. Charlotte kisses Lewis what makes Cleo angry. The next day, Cleo finally did the exam, but she's still thinking about Lewis and Charlotte.
37 "Treasure Hunt" December 7, 2007 211
Pressured by tight family finances and the promise of a big reward, Rikki agrees to help Zane search the ocean floor for a valuable lost statue. But when she involves Emma and Cleo without telling them the full story, she finds herself alone in a dangerous situation when the truth comes out. Meanwhile, Lewis reassures the girls that he will still be there for them, but with Charlotte working to keep him to herself, he nearly misses a chance to help just when he is needed the most. In the end the girls are alright and Lewis finally stands up to Charlotte. Which causes Charlotte to wear the pants in the relationship.
38 "Monster" December 14, 2007 212
When the girls are searching for a coral for Cleo's fish, Emma finds it, but she accidentally cuts herself in a coral. Emma starts eat fish food and acting weird. Cleo's fish is acting weird too. When Emma arrives to Marine Park to go swimming, a little girl sees her and tells that to her mum, but no one believes the girl. Cleo, Rikki and Lewis must bring Emma back home, but the problem is: Lewis has a date with Charlotte! While searching Lewis, Charlotte ends up bumping into Cleo and assumes Cleo is there to crash her and Lewis' date. After bringing Emma to home, Emma splashes herself in water, but as she turns into mermaid, the white scals appears. It's revealed the blame for white scales, eating fish food and acting weird is a coral!. Lewis brings Cleo's fish to Laurie and Laurie creates the antidote. The antidote cures Cleo's fish. Lewis brings more antidote to help Emma, but she escaped. Later that night when Emma's parents are having a romantic dinner, Emma steals the lobster and eats it. Cleo, Rikki and Lewis arrives and sees Emma as monster with white scals. Lewis splashes Emma with antidote and she returns to normal.
39 "Camping on Mako Island" December 21, 2007 213
The revived Sertori family camping holiday is ill-fated not just by choice of location, Mako Island, but in the unfortunate timing of coinciding with the full moon. Cleo's friends and Charlotte tag along to help one another stay out of trouble but Lewis' plans are soon tested when the girls decide to face the powers of the full moon. When Charlotte and Lewis decide to have a romantic walk, Lewis spots the girls and leaves Charlotte. Scared, Charlotte heads back to camp but bumps into Cleo, she torments Cleo because she thinks Cleo is jealous of her new relationship with with Lewis. Angry, Rikki and Emma who watching nearby struck Charlotte with lightning, scared Charlotte runs away and finds the moon pool but at the height of the full moon may have unforeseen consequences. The girls defeats the power of moon and Emma freezes the moon pool to don't let Charlotte become a mermaid. Lewis arrives and brings Charlotte back to the camp.
40 "Cleo vs. Charlotte" December 28, 2007 214
After confiding in her that she misses spending time with Lewis, Cleo takes Rikki's advice to re-establish her friendship with him and to embrace her unique abilities, after all, unlike Charlotte, Cleo is not just an ordinary girl. Emma is disappointed to be passed over for a promotion at work but is even more upset by the identity of her new supervisor and all of his changes to the café.
41 "Irresistible" January 4, 2008 215
When he learns about myths considering ambergris, a substance which can control mermaids, Zane seeks the help of Lewis. But Lewis thinks nothing of it and throws the bottle away, where it falls into the hands of Nate. Whenever the girls are around them they came strangely attractive to him. Can they come to their senses before its too late?
42 "Visions" January 11, 2008 216
When Elliot asks Lewis for advice about girls, no one suspects who he plans to ask out on a date. Cleo and Lewis join the young couple on their first date to the water park and while it takes Elliot a bit longer to learn his lesson, the chaperones also come away a little wiser...and wetter, Cleo and Lewis realize that their friendship is strong and no relationship can stop that and Cleo accidentally falls into one of the show pools which causes Lewis to realize his care for Cleo. Emma gets the wrong idea about Rikki's secret meetings with Ash. Lewis is troubled by a reoccurring dream about Cleo being discovered as a mermaid.
43 "Moonstruck" January 18, 2008 217
The full moon comes around again. When Ash has trouble asking Emma out, he comes to surprise her. Meanwhile Cleo sees the moon and gets Rikki to see it as well. They lead Emma into the bathroom, where she sees the full moon too. Will Lewis arrive in time to save the mermaid secret?
44 "The Heat is On" January 25, 2008 218
Cleo throws a party for the girls' first anniversary as mermaids. But not all goes as planned when Ash and Zane have a fight, resulting in Emma and Rikki falling out. Cleo wonders whether she will have to celebrate by herself. But at the last minute, Emma and Rikki come after they have resolved their differences.
45 "The Gracie Code (Part One)" February 1, 2008 219
While looking research trying to uncover the secrets of the moon pool, Lewis uncovers the work of Max Hamilton, who fifty years earlier found himself in much the same role that Lewis is in now. To earn the old man's trust, Lewis risks betraying the girls' secret but the story Max has to tell will shed more light on the history of the moon pool and the girls' lockets.
46 "The Gracie Code (Part Two)" February 8, 2008 220
Charlotte wants answers as to why Lewis is spending so much of his time with Cleo and the girls. Charlotte appears to be satisfied with Cleo's vague excuse that Lewis is helping them with a project, but her curiosity is piqued when, amongst Max's research papers, she spots an old photo of Gracie... her grandmother. Lewis is tasked with finding out exactly what Charlotte knows about her grandmother, but while looking for her own answers, Charlotte makes a startling discovery. Ash makes a well-intentioned attempt to help Emma overcome her apparent fear of water.
47 "Then There Were Four" February 15, 2008 221
Charlotte's persistence in searching out her grandmother's murky past leads her to Max who confirms all of her suspicions. Further research leads her straight to the moon pool on Mako Island where secrets are revealed and another is born: Charlotte becomes the fourth mermaid. Lewis' relationship with Charlotte is put to the test by his inability to confide in her but Charlotte has no such reservations.
48 "Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble" February 22, 2008 222
Against Rikki's better judgement, the girls agree to make Charlotte feel welcome as the newest member of the "mermaid club". Faced with the prospect of failing physical education in school due to avoiding water, the girls are quickly forced into working together with Charlotte when they find themselves together on the school's beach volleyball team. Charlotte learns there is more to being a mermaid than she thought and although the learning curve is steep, the final result is nothing short of 'super'.
49 "Reckless" February 29, 2008 223
Concerned about Charlotte's ability to use her new-found powers wisely, the girls offer to help her learn about her powers, but Charlotte refuses their help and becomes determined to prove herself as the only "true mermaid". She also reveals that she has a fear of dolphins. Lewis tries to help her, but he leaves to find Cleo, Ronnie the dolphin accidentally splashes Charlotte leaving her to dive into the water, with her fear she screams for help even when she is in mermaid form and almost boils Ronnie. Cleo and Lewis soon return causing Cleo to stand up to Charlotte and Charlotte realizing that Cleo is stronger than she thought. When Lewis runs afoul of Nate, his pacifist nature causes Charlotte to come to his defence. Can she be stopped before she goes too far and exposes the group's secret? Or even hurt Nate?
50 "Three's Company" March 7, 2008 224
Charlotte and the girls clash over the planning for Lewis' birthday. Tired of Charlotte's intrusion into what was once their close friendship group, Rikki excludes herself, promising Zane she'll spend more time with him instead. However, resolved to be the bigger person, Rikki decides to attend Lewis' party after all and arrives just in time to rescue her friends, who had been trapped in a storage closet by Charlotte. Instead of being at the party with all of Charlotte's friends, Lewis decides to hang out with Emma, Cleo, Rikki and all his friends from school. Charlotte's friendship with the other mermaids has come to an end.
51 "Sea Change" March 14, 2008 225
Her short-lived friendship with the other girls is over and Charlotte demands that out of loyalty to her, Lewis is to have no more contact with Rikki, Emma and, most of all, Cleo. Charlotte then steals Cleo's locket telling Cleo that she is pathetic. Cleo leaves a message for Lewis but Charlotte steals his phone. Isolated and intimidated, Cleo runs away from home only to find herself in the company of sharks. Lewis then discovers his phone in Charlotte's bag and leaves with Emma and Rikki to find Cleo. Charlotte then catches up with Lewis demanding that he stops seeing the girls at all. Angry, Lewis tells Charlotte that he knows about what she did to Cleo and breaks up with her. But by choosing sides, a powerful enemy is created. Lewis rescues Cleo, his and Cleo's relationship is back and he takes Cleo back home.
52 "Finale" March 21, 2008 226
The full moon rises again, and Charlotte deliberately looks at it and it makes her obsessed with revenge and determined to be the only mermaid, to make Lewis care about her more. Meanwhile the girls are at Emma's, trying to stay away from the moon, but then Charlotte comes near the house and starts "playing" with the water in Emma's house, just as Ash comes to visit Emma. Lewis convinces Charlotte to stop, and they go to Mako Island together. Cleo is worried about Lewis and follows them. Charlotte was waiting for her, because she realises what Lewis hasn't told her: that if there was any mermaid in the moon pool at the time the moon was passing over it, that mermaid would lose her powers forever! Emma and Rikki arrive in time to save Cleo. They fight with Charlotte and, after falling into the moon pool, she loses her powers permanently. Lewis makes Charlotte give Cleo's locket to him and he gives it back to Cleo. Emma finally reveals to Ash that she is a mermaid. Ash reacts well to the news, and the season ends with Lewis, Zane, and Ash watching the girls run into the ocean and turning into mermaids.

Series three: 2009

The third series is scheduled for broadcast in 2009.[1] The series centres around Cleo and Rikki coming to terms with the loss of Emma, who has left town with her family. New characters are introduced, including Bella, a new mermaid who infuses the group with new energy; and Will, a skilled diver who accidentally unleashes a powerful force from Mako Island which turns water against the mermaids. The girls must also deal with Zane, who attempts to exploit Mako's secrets after Rikki breaks up with him.[2]

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Television films

DVD releases

(Note: Release in Australian First because it a Australian Series, and trying to cover releases in many countries would quickly bloat the article out of reason.)

Series one and series two have been released on DVD in Region 4 PALformat. Series one comprises six individual DVD sets released between September 2007 and November 2008, and a complete series compilation released in June 2009. Series two comprises three individual sets released between February and September 2009, and a complete series compilation released in November 2009.


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