Hey Arnold!
"Helga's Boyfriend"
Season 1, Episode 21A
Production code: 121A
Original air date: December 14, 1997
Written by: Steve Viksten
Rachel Lipman
Directed by: Tuck Tucker
Larry Leichliter
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"Rhonda's Glasses" "Crush on Teacher"
"Helga's Boyfriend" is the first segment of the 21st episode of Hey Arnold! Although it was produced for the first season, it did not air until during the show's second season.


Helga hires Stinky to be her boyfriend to try to make Arnold jealous. It backfires when Stinky develops a crush on Helga.

Home video releases

  • Hey Arnold!: Love Stinks
  • Hey Arnold!: Season 2
  • Hey Arnold!: Season 2, Part 2

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