"House Music" is the first segment of the seventeenth episode of The Loud House.


Loud siblings practicing

It is the day of the Royal Woods Family Fun Fair, and the Loud siblings need an act for the talent show. Luna suggests that they form a family band, and when her sisters say they have no musical talent, she reminds them that, as her idol Mick Swagger says, the most important thing about being in a band is having fun, not about being the best. The kids go to practice in the garage, allowing Lynn Sr. to join in after he recounts to them how he got kicked out of a band during college. Just then, Luna receives a call from Chunk, saying that Mick Swagger is going to be scouting for talent at the fair. Hoping to impress Mick, Luna starts pressuring her siblings to play their best, effectively going back on her word. She then goes so far as to kick their dad out of the band, breaking his heart, and Lincoln and the other sisters are so dismayed by her behavior that they decide to do their own band without her.

Luna goes up to her room and tries to write a song on her own, but is utterly stuck and becomes depressed. Thinking maybe she needs a change of scenery, she goes to a local diner, but is still unable to come up with anything. She explains her dilemma to a friendly bearded stranger nearby who reminds her about Mick Swagger's words about having fun. Remembering the last time she had fun was with her family, Luna realizes the error of her ways.

At the Family Fun Fair, Luna finds her siblings as they're getting ready to perform and apologizes for her earlier actions, as well as to their father for kicking him out of the band. They accept her apology and allow her back into the band. After the kids and their parents give their performance, Luna encounters the stranger from the diner and thanks him for his advice, pointing out that she was foolish to prioritize trying to impress Mick, since he didn't show up. The stranger then removes his fake beard and glasses, revealing himself to be Mick Swagger, leaving Luna (and Lynn Sr.) totally starstruck.


  • This is notably the first Loud House episode in which Lincoln does not once directly speak to the viewers.
  • The episode's title can refer to the type of EDM subgenre. However, this episode focuses on band practice.

Home video releases

  • The Loud House: Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder

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