House of Hello/House of Dolls
Season 2, Episode 1-2
Aahouse of dolls
Airdate January 7th, 2012
Written by Diane Whitney
Directed by Angelo Abela
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"House of Forever"
"House of Spirits"

"House of Hello / House of Dolls" is the first episode in season 2 of House of Anubis.


The students return from the holidays including Joy. Victor is on the trail of an ancient tomb that will tell him how to recreate the elixir. The Anubis House residents have a midnight feast in the attic. While up there, they notice an exact replica of the house in a dollhouse form. Victor returns and notices the attic door open. He initially urges the kids to return downstairs. Nina quickly has to hide the Cup of Ankh. After Nina doesn't come down, he goes up there himself. Nina quickly finds a spot for the Cup of Ankh, courtesy of her necklace. Once Victor gets there, she freaks out and knocks down a box with a doll. She walks down the stairs and hides and hears a message from Sarah Frobisher-Smithe telling where to find a important book.

Meanwhile, Amber regrets promising to be Alfie's girlfriend. She gives him a list of requirements that someone would have to fill if they could be her girlfriend. Also, Joy is not happy to see Fabian and Nina together. Toward the end of the episode, Jerome accidentally runs into his sister who noticed that he was avoiding her.

Nina and Fabian go to Frobisher Library while on a romantic stroll. Fabian opens the door to discover that it's unlocked. They quietly go inside as they realize they are not alone. Inside, Victor and Mr. Sweet are looking for the Book of Isis. Nina and Fabian hide and listen to them as they try to find it. Victor then finds the secret hiding spot for the book and looks inside, only to discover that the Book of Isis is gone. Mr. Sweet tries to tell him that the elixir is gone and the cup is destroyed. Victor tries to tell him otherwise. Suddenly, Fabian knocks a book over and Victor tries to find them. In a cliffhanger, he pulls the cover off the bookshelf they are hiding behind of.


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