Rabbids Invasion
"Hypno Rabbid"
Season 1, Episode 17C
Original air date: January 25, 2014
Written by: Simon Lecocq
Stéphane Mit
Directed by: Stéphane Mit
Episode chronology
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"Snoring Rabbid" "Rabbid Race to the Moon"
"Hypno Rabbid" is a third segment in the seventeenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Two rabbids hypnotised the professor with a small windmill toy and are making him do silly things,after many things done all three of them end up being hypnotised.


  • The main antagonist(s):the first and second rabbid.
  • This episode reveals that a rabbid can get hypnotised by looking at spinning objects.
"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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