In a Tizzy over Turkey is a Thanksgiving-themed storybook based on The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy, having just watched the Thanksgiving parade, talks to Cosmo and Wanda about how he loves Thanksgiving and the dinner it presents. Wanda then goes to pack for the trip she and Cosmo are taking to Mama Cosma's for dinner. Timmy heads down to dinner, but to his dismay, he finds that his mom has decided to make a vegetarian dinner this year, including turkey-flavored tofu (or "tofurkey"). Upset, Timmy goes back to his room and decides to wish for the best Thanksgiving dinner ever, but Cosmo continually goofs up his request, by filling the room first with junk food, then beef jerky, and lots of live turkeys. After Wanda returns and sends the turkeys away, Timmy wishes to go some other place where there's a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

After several failed tries, they drop him off in a dining room with the perfect Thanksgiving dinner he referred to. But after Cosmo and Wanda head off to Mama Cosma's, Timmy finds out they've left him at Vicky's house. To his surprise, though, he finds out that Vicky (along with Doidle) is alone for Thanksgiving because her parents and Tootie went out to get cranberry sauce, and their car broke down. Timmy feels sorry for her, so he calls up his parents and asks them to come pick up him and Vicky, along with her folks. When they get back to Timmy's house, the dinner has gotten cold, and the tofurkey bounces off the table when Mr. Turner attempts to carve it, much to the amusement of Vicky's family. Later that night, Timmy tells Cosmo and Wanda that he's learned that being together for Thanksgiving is more important than the dinner - "even if it means tofurkey sandwiches for lunch all next week!"

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