Danny Phantom
"Infinite Realms"
Season 3, Episode 42
Production code: 302
Original air date: July 10, 2007
Written by: Butch Hartman
Directed by: Butch Hartman
Gary Conrad
Wincat Alcala
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"Eye for an Eye" "Girls' Night Out"
"Infinite Realms" is the 42nd episode of Danny Phantom.


While trying to map out the Ghost Zone, Danny, Sam and Tucker befriend a ghost named Frostbite who gives them the "Infi-map" that can take the user to anywhere in the Ghost Zone. However, Vlad manages to steal it, and it's up to Danny and friends to get it back. Danny and Co. travel through portals and time to defeat Plasmius.

Home video releases

  • Danny Phantom: Season 3
  • Danny Phantom: The Complete Series
  • Danny Phantom: The Final Season

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