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Planet Sheen
"Is This Cute?"
Season 1, Episode 2
Is This Cute-
Episode chronology
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"Pilot" "The Boy Next Dorkus"

Is This Cute? is the second episode of Planet Sheen


After Boh-Rok the Destroyer, the most powerful and horrible creature in all of Zeenu, hears of Sheen’s presence on the planet, he decides to pay The Emperor a visit. Boh-Rok is incredibly temperamental, and if angered, he will wreak havoc on the entire planet. He demands that anyone who approaches him follow strict guidelines. As a result, The Emperor tries to prepare Sheen for the impending visit by hiring a tutor. To sabotage Sheen, Dorkus enlists the worst possible tutor, a nervous, slug-like creature named Doppy. If Doppy can't get Sheen to stay focused and learn the protocol before Boh-Rok arrives, it could be the end of them both.


  • Carl makes a cameo in Sheen's flashback when he says that Doppy looks familiar.
  • This is also the last time Carl has appeared in animation (as of the present time) and the only time another Jimmy Neutron character besides the obvious appears.
  • This is the first episode to feature a title card and the theme song.

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