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Jade West
Victorious character
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies
Voiced by
First appearance
Last appearance
Character information
Full name
Species Human
Other names Jadey (by Cat)
Babe (by Beck)
Personality Sarcastic, dark, creative, talented, cynical, protective and caring (towards Cat)
Relatives Mr. West (father)
Mrs. West (mother)
Pets Unnamed bunny
Allies Beck Oliver
Cat Valentine
Andre Harris
Robbie Shapiro
Minions Cat Valentine, Beck Oliver
Enemies Tori Vega, Mrs. Lee, Rex Powers, Trina Vega

Jade West (born July 26, 1995, age 17) is a main character in Victorious. She is Tori's arch-nemesis and Cat's best friend. She was played by Elizabeth Gillies.


Jade West is deep, dark, rebellious and down-to-earth which is shown in her attitude and clothing. jade plays the rival figure/antagonist to the show's main character, Tori Vega after have a bad first impression, thinking Tori was flirting with Beck Oliver, her boyfriend after rubbing him from spilling the coffee on his shirt. However later in the season, she becomes kinder and willing to become friends with Tori. 

While Jade is mean and sarcastic, she's also best friends with Cat, treating her like a sister and vice versa and she is shown to be deeply devoted to Beck.

She first appeared in "Pilot", being harsh to Tori because of her rubbing coffee off of her boyfriend's, Beck, shirt. In ways of revenge, she pours coffee on Tori in front of the whole class, humiliating her. Tori gets her revenge back on her by kissing her boyfriend during Alphabet Inprov, thus angering Jade.

Throughout the Series

Through out Season One and Two she has been cruel and harsh to Tori, but their friendship seen to blossom in Season 3, when Jade decides to give up her performance at The Platinum Music Awards, for Tori. Jade is described mean, impulsive, sarcastic, jealous, sadistic, revengful, and devious through out the series. She has a wierd thing for blood, scissors, a lump of fat, pain and monkey fur. She is also a very talented singer proving it in the episode "Freak The Freak Out" . She is also good with writing scripts for plays or short films.


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