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Jimmy Neutron Movie Soundtrack
Released: November 20, 2001
Label: Jive Records

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - Music from the Motion Picture is, as its title suggests, the soundtrack album to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Track list

# Title Performed by Length
1 Leave it Up to Me Aaron Carter 2:59
2 Pop (Deep Dish Cha-Ching Remix) *NSync 4:13
3 Parents Just Don't Understand (Teddy Riley Mix) Lil' Romeo, 3LW & Nick Cannon 3:55
4 Intimidated Britney Spears 3:17
5 He Blinded Me with Science Melissa Lefton 3:15
6 A.C.'s Alien Nation Aaron Carter 3:23
7 Kids in America No Secrets 3:06
8 The Answer to Our Life Backstreet Boys 3:17
9 The Chicken Dance Stupid 1:32
10 I Can Count on You True Vibe 3:46
11 We Got the Beat The Go-Go's 2:31
12 Go Jimmy Jimmy Aaron Carter 2:38
13 Parents Just Don't Understand (Bonus Mix) 3LW, Nick Cannon & Lil' Romeo 3:52
14 Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones 2:12
15 Jimmy Neutron Theme Bowling for Soup 2:08

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