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In 2001, to promote the then-upcoming release of the movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, a series of interstitial shorts featuring the characters were produced and broadcast between programs on Nickelodeon. These shorts continued to be broadcast on both Nickelodeon and the newly-formed Nicktoons TV through 2003, and are all included as bonus features on the movie's DVD.


Carl Squared

Cookie Time

New Dog, Old Tricks

Summary: Jimmy and Cindy compete over which of their dogs is better at doing tricks.


  • This short marks the first appearance of Cindy Vortex and her dog Humphrey.


Sea Minus

Ultraload vs. the Squirrels

Summary: When Sheen accidentally gets his UltraLord action figure stuck in a tree, Jimmy tries to use his Hypno-Beam to hypnotize the squirrels into bringing it down for them.


  • This short marks Sheen Estevez's first appearance.

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Summary: Jimmy visits the dentist, using his Pain-Transference Helmet to transfer the pain to Cindy. He gets in trouble, though, when Cindy snatches the helmet the next day!


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