SpongeBob SquarePants
"Karate Choppers"
Season 1, Episode 14B
Karate Choppers
Airdate: December 31, 1999
Written by: Aaron Springer
Erik Wiese
Merriwether Williams
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"SB-129" "Sleepy Time"
"Karate Choppers" is the second segment of the fourteenth episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob and Sandy are practicing karate against each other. SpongeBob is carefully going around his house looking for her, until she jumps out. They fight, and have lots of fun. Sandy tells him that she will sneak up on him and fight him tomorrow. At the Krusty Krab the next day, SpongeBob thinks anyone or anything can be Sandy, so he is cautious and does not work much. When he strikes one of the customers, Mr. Krabs demands to know what is going on, so SpongeBob explains to him that he is doing karate.

Therefore, Mr. Krabs tells him to stop doing karate, or he will be fired. Sandy attacks him, and though SpongeBob attempts to explain Mr. Krabs's warning, Sandy refuses to listen. At that moment, Mr. Krabs comes out of the Krusty Krab and thinks he is doing karate with Sandy and then promptly fires SpongeBob (even though he was just standing there and doing nothing). Sandy explains it to him, and he gives him his job back.

The two attempt to forget about karate, and go to the park. However, while slicing sandwiches, they begin doing karate again, Mr. Krabs catches them. However, he finds that karate chops can replace knives, and has SpongeBob and Sandy slice Krabby Patties this way, earning him more money.


  • When SpongeBob tosses Krabby Patties on Squidward's head, there are six, in the next shot, there are eight.
  • When Spongebob is cutting the food,on his first cut, the mustard seems to disappear.
  • Why is a fish fishing for fish with a fishing pole at the Bikini Bottom Park?
  • Mr. Krabs tells Squidward that he was in his office, however, you'll notice that Mr. Krabs' offices is the first door on the left, and when he comes in, he's on the right. But when Spongebob talks to him, Mr. Krabs is on his office side, next to Squidward.
  • When Spongebob attacks Fred and sends him into the floor, some fish are shocked. One of the fish (who is gray with something purple on his face) is the fish that acts confused when he hears Plankton's squeaky voice in "Walking Small".
  • A second window was added to SpongeBob's pineapple home near the lower right corner. Before, there was only one window on the upper left corner.
  • In one scene where SpongeBob and Sandy are karate chopping each other, Sandy karate kicks SpongeBob into the background. SpongeBob yells "curses!" and Sandy appears to be moving her mouth as though she is also saying it,though she could be mimicing it.
  • When SpongeBob rolls Sandy into a ball, her helmet and flower disappear.
  • The face on the hot sauce drop is Tom Kenny's face.
  • A clip of this episode can be seen in the 2010 film Date Night.
  • SpongeBob went into the bathroom and thought he heard Sandy, but SpongeBob went into the men's room, so Sandy could not be in there.
  • In this episode SpongeBob is good as Sandy at karate but in other episodes Sandy is better.
  • When Squidward said, "Go!" the Captions said D'oh!".
  • This is the first time the Bikini Bottom park appears.
  • When SpongeBob slices the first slice of salami, the mustard bottle is missing.
  • At the Bikini Bottom park, when Sandy karate chops SpongeBob's arm, SpongeBob doesn't have karate gear on, but in the next shot, SpongeBob has his karate gear on.*"MY LEG!" has become a popular Internet meme.
  • It is unknown if Sandy and SpongeBob ate the Krabby Patties because after fighting (and making Krabby Patties) they were just relaxing and the Patties were just in the ground.
  • This is the unique episode in what SpongeBob defeats Sandy in a karate fight.
  • Oddly, during "the fight", a brick can be shown in their dust cloud.
  • The mask that Sandy says is her "worst disguise yet" looks similar to the one that SpongeBob wears when he pretends to be Sandy's "pappy" in "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm."*MY LEG is heard when Fred is chopped by SpongeBob.
  • It is unknown how the rock halves separated after SpongeBob let go of them.
  • This is the last episode of SpongeBob that aired in 1999
  • Some people have interpreted SpongeBob's and Sandy's obsession with karate in this episode as a euphemism for sex.
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