"Kettastrophe" is the second segment of the 16th episode of Breadwinners.


Ketta introduces her new invention to SwaySway and Buhdeuce. But the two fight over the controls and break it. Buttermilk, Kettas pet dinosaur goes quazy and wrecks her garage. Since it was their fault, the Breadwinners let her stay at the Swamp Pad. Later, Ketta's inventions upset Buhdeuce but tried to live with them so he wouldn't hurt her feelings. But after she makes the wrong modifications to their video game,it reset their high scores and SwaySway tells to her they love her, but she's driving them out. But their toilet turns into an evil robot, so they use Ketta's inventions to stop him. All the weapons backfire and when the Robo Toilet 30000 is about to destroy them, Ketta appears with Buttermilk and they beat up the toilet and rescue the Breadwinners. In result, the Swamp Pad is destroyed, so they apologize to Ketta and move to Tree City with their number one customer, T-Midi.


  • The episode name puts a pun on the word "Catastrophe."