"Kid TV" is the first segment of the 62nd episode of Rugrats.


Stu and the kids are channel surfing on the home television, stopping at a show called Cartoon Cavalcade. Didi begs Stu to stick with a show he likes, but Stu says he has to scan for toy commercials. When asked how his transforming toy Transformo is doing, Stu says that it still needs work.

Cartoon Cavalcade's first commercial break starts, and a commercial featuring a toy called a Miracular begins. Seeing that it can turn into a plane, a rocket, a helicopter, does homework and other household needs, Stu throws Transformo at the TV, ruining it. Stu tries to turn it back on, but has no luck. Didi comes in to the living room. Stu makes a fib, saying that the TV set is broken with white smoke, and he and Didi go into the shed for a box big enough to fit the TV. The box he found, not the one the TV came in but his "Cheese of the Month" sampler case, is not big enough, though, and he goes back into the shed to look for another box.

The babies decide to make a TV out of the box, and the babies each take turns with their own shows. Tommy is first with a game show: Getting in Trouble. His first contestant, Chuckie, was picked to play the first game, Setting a Bad Example by Breaking Valuable Objects.

Angelica, bored with this, decides to go next with a commercial advertising her beauty juice. Phil and Lil want the beauty juice, but Angelica says that her beauty juice isn't available because the only bottle is hers.

Tommy pushes Angelica out of the way, getting back to the game show. Chuckie performs the next game: Spinning in Circles, then asks Tommy what the fabulous prize is. Chuckie thinks I have been eating too much spaghetti. Tommy thinks for a second, but Angelica shows them her toy car, a Ferrini Conderossa X10-Zillion, the same car used by Angelica Bond: Master Spy. Angelica pushes Tommy and Chuckie pout of the way again, this time, doing her spy show.

Phil and Lil are too bored and have a turn with their own show, a soap opera called The Teeny and the Tiny. Lil says to Phil that she is having a brain transplant. Phil protests, telling her that the doctors should have his brain instead. Tommy and Chuckie know it's a soap opera. Angelica butts in, singing, thinking it's an actual opera. She asks the twins to sing, but they don't know how to sing yet, which leads Angelica threatening them to sing.

Tommy begs them to stop showing too much violence on TV, saying it's Chuckie's turn to do a show. Chuckie does away with a news program, starting off with a top story about the Pickles' television being "broke". Tommy is in the "studio" telling the viewers how he's handling this tragedy. In other news, Spike "knocks out" a rival dog in a fight, but nobody knows about when and why the outcome happened. Phil and Lil butt in, whispering to Chuckie about each other's remarks.

Angelica butts in yet again, this time, with her own police show, with the babies as prisoners. The babies try to run away from her, but she catches the DeVille twins. Tommy announces one more game for Getting in Trouble: Stay Away from Angelica. If the contestants win, they get either the toy car or the beauty juice. The babies run, with Angelica giving chase. Chuckie gives a special report on the race between the Pickles cousins.

Stu and Didi return to the living room, without a big enough box, in disappointment, but are pleased to see that the kids are playing without the TV. Stu blabs that it doesn't matter if he threw Transformo at the TV and busted it after all. Didi seems a bit angry at him.

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