"Kyle + Rosemary" is the second segment of the 2nd episode of Random! Cartoons. it was created by Jun Falkenstein and was boardcast on January 17, 2009


Two 15 years old, who meet at a online game, fall madly in love with each other and want to be together, However both their cliques hated each other.


The Short begin with a guy name Kyle (a Nerd) and a girl name Rosemary (a Goth) who narrate about how they are in love with each other but can't be together since both their cliques hate each other. in a flashback Kyle explain the one night when he and his friends were online playing Quest World( a parody of W.O.W) as his Avatar Sir Horace Hitsalots. On a quest to kill a dragon,he and his friend encourters some other players who already killed said Dragon and began a battle. During the battle, Kyle friends Avatars were all killed, just as he was about to be killed himself, he encountered a character name Lunarella who he gain to fall for, but not before she killed him. But unknown to Kyle, Lunarella was actually RoseMary the goth girl. After a while of being killed by Lunarella a bunch of time, she agreed to go on a date him with. At first he bored her with how he enquire some power ups but when he saw how bored she was, he revealed that he's a 15 year old student in high school then Lunarella revealed the same thing to and began to spead time together. later it was shown that they did everything together in quest world (such as fight monster, flying griffins and even getting married) but the big question still reminds in their mind "I just has to found out who he/she was." the next morning while walking in the halls, Rosemary over heard kyle talking to his friends and found out that he was Horace, at first she question about him but then realize she still has feelings for him and couldn't stop think about her and even plans to reveal herself to him in the game. When she did he was surpise at first and then accepted since he has feelings for her too. The next morning when they decide to talk, they were interrupted by their friends and then chicked out. Back in Quest world, after Kyle defeated some little monsters and gather some power ups, Rosemary was sad that he and her can be themselves in the game but not in real live so she decide log off, leaving Kyle alone but no before his friends appeared to cheer him up. that night at the school dance both kyle and rosemary friends wondered where they are and in a shock twist both Kyle and Roseymary appeared but dress differently; Kyle as a goth and Rosemary as a nerd which surpise their friends. After seeing each other they both laughed and decide to leave the dance and get a soda ending the short.


  • Kyle
  • RoseMary
  • Kyle's Friends
  • RoseMary's Friends.


  • This short is a modern version of Romeo and Juilet.
  • Many fans wanted this short to become a series.
  • This short featured alot of viewers when it aired on Cartoon Factory in 2012.