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Lego SpongeBob was created in 2006 along with Avatar the last Airbender. So far the only two main minifigures not there is Larry the Lobster and Pearl.


The Krusty Krab (2006)

Build-a-Bob (2006)

Adventures in Bikini Bottom (2006)

The Chum Bucket (2007)

Mrs Puffs Boating School (2008)

Rocket Ride (2008)

Bikini Bottom Express (2008)

The Emergency Room (2008)

Krusty Krab Adventures (2009)

Good Neighbours at Bikini Bottom (2009)

Glove World (2011)

Herioics of the Deep (2011)

Bikini Bottom Undersea Party (2012)

The Flying Dutchman (2012)

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