This is a list of episodes from the action figure-based short series Action League Now! For the most part, the Action League Now! episodes listed here are in proper order, having been placed chronologically from date of airing. However, due to how little information there is to find regarding the show, certain episodes may have been misplaced.

This page will, in addition to all of the episodes that aired on KaBlam!, highlight the additional episodes that aired when Action League Now! got its own show for a brief period of time in 2001. To the best of public knowledge, only a total of two never-before-seen episodes aired on this spin-off. Also included on this page are the first-ever episodes, which aired on All That, but with no known date. Help and contributions regarding the dates are much appreciated.

All in all, there are fifty-one (51) episodes of Action League Now!, the average time frame for them being four minutes each.

Series overview

Season Episodes First Episode Latest Episode
Action League Now! (Shorts) 2 October 14, 1995 October 28, 1995
Season 1 13 October 7, 1996 December 20, 1996
Season 2 20 March 10, 1997 June 2, 1997
Season 3 20 August 30, 1998 November 14, 1998
Season 4 20 November 20, 1999 January 22, 2000

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