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First Run- "The Golden Era"

Josh Server (Seasons 1-6)
  • Allen (professional cereal critic, reviews cereal like "Lucky Germs" and "Friut Poots" with his partner Alan) (Seasons 1-2)
  • Detective Dan (a clumsy, incompetent, delusional police detective) (Seasons 2-6)
  • Dr. Bynes (very disgusting dentist)(Seasons 3-4)
  • Fizz (drive-through guy at Good Burger. Called Marty in the first appearance in the sketch) (Seasons 1-2)
  • Flem (savage, disgusting teen. Spoof of Goofus of Goofus and Gallant) (Seasons 2-4)
  • Jimmy Bond (teenage secret agent one-seventh, spoof of James Bond) (Seasons 1, 4-6)
  • Julio (cafeteria worker at Dullmont Junior High under peas-loving Miss Pidlin) (Seasons 3-5)
  • Milkman (a rogue milkman; nemesis of Superdude)(Seasons 1-3)
  • Tandy Spork (highly medicated vegetarian secretary of Dullmont High School) (Seasons 3-5)
  • Walter the Earboy (a high school student with freakishly large ears) (Seasons 1-3, 5)
  • Ray Borealis (reporter of Channel 6 1/2 News, often in perilous and disgustin places)(Season 5-6)
  • Studs Wilkinson (sidekick of Francis the Caveman, spoof of Ed MaHoon) (Season 6)
  • Toby Braun (former fitness expert, makes informercials for seemingly useless items, spoof of Tony Little) (Season 4 & 6)
  • Mumble Spice (Spice Boy with poor acculation)(Season 5-6)
  • Bernie Kibbitz (old yiddish man, claims tobe 130 years old. Frequent customer of Good Burger.)(Season 3-6)
  • Emily Maroon (Lump Maroon's brother that always laughs) (Season 3)
  • Officer Canker (serves on the USS Spaceship under Captain Tantrum) (Season 3-4)
  • Dusty Pants (cowboy student in Ms. Fingerly's Class) (Season 3-4)
  • Mr. McToad (hideous half-man/half-toad seeking help from Wizard of Cos) (Season 2)
  • Mack Tackahashi (co-anchor of Channel 6 1/2 Sports, not related to Jack Tackahashi)(Season 5)
  • 'Squash Hick' (hayseed who enjoys fishing, buses, & his friend Squash Boy)(Season 3-4)
  • Jerry Footall (later Jerry Futile)(host of game shows "You Can't Win" & "Cockroaches in your pants") (Season 3-6)
  • Dairy Godfather (the godfather of all dairy, enemy of Superdude) (Season 5)
  • Voice of Don't Do This at Home or School Scketches (Voice who tells the Audience What not to at home and school) (Season 5)

Kenan Thompson (Seasons 1-5)
  • Superdude (lactose-intolerant superhero, spoof of Superman) (Seasons 1-5)
  • Pierre Escargot (man wearing raincoat in a bathtub, teaches absurd French phrases) (Season 1-5)
  • Lester Oaks, Construction Worker (a construction worker who always says his job as part of his name. Frequent customer of Good Burger) (Season 1-5)
  • Burt Spice/Spice Cube (Spice Boy who was kicked out for being nerdy, so came back as a rapper, spoof of rapper/actor Ice Cube and the Spice Girls) (Season 5)
  • Randy (chocolate-loving TV chef) (Season 1-4)
  • Mavis (elderly best friend of Clavis) (Season 1-5)
  • Principal William Baines Pimpell (Dullmont Junior High principal with throbbing blemish on his forehead and a lisp) (Season 2-5)
  • Miss Piddlin (occasionally violent lunch lady who loves peas) (Season 3-5)
  • Fred Mertz (African-American version of original I Love Lucy character) (Season 4)
  • Ishboo (possibly fraudulent foreign-exchange student who relies on pity to get his way and has incredibly weird foreign customs) (Season 1-3)
  • Bradley the Big-Ol' Baby (an enormous bratty infant) (Season 3)
  • LaNeesha (self-centered ghetto female convenience store employee, best friend of LaTanya) (Season 5)* Antoine (short-tempered 60's-70's guy with an afro and a Cloudy Knights member who appears in other sketches as well) (Season 3-5)
  • Nasty Nancy (nasty cowboy because of his name, enemy of Dusty Pants) (Season 3-4)
  • Baggin' Saggin' Barry (teenager with enormous pants which contain a wide variety of strange items) (Season 1-2)
  • Bill Cosby (a spoof of the comedian, also known as the "Wizard of Cos") (Season 1-2)
  • Officer Ulcer (serves on the USS Spaceship under Captain Tantrum, spoof of Mr. Scott) (Season 3-4)
  • Coldfinger (nemesis of Jimmy Bond, has ice-covered right index, spoof of Goldfinger) (Seasons 1 & 4)
  • Seymour (mute boy who reacts to various things) (Season 5)
  • "Squash Boy" (character which never appeared due to costume problems, sometimes played by Kel) (Season 3)
  • Jack Takahashi ( co-anchor of Channel 6 1/2 Sports, not related to Mack Takahashi) (Season 5)

Kel Mitchell (seasons 1-5)

  • Ed (clueless Good Burger counter clerk, known for multiple catchphrases) (Season 1-5)
  • Okrah (talk show host, spoof of Oprah) (Season 2-3)
  • Pizzaface (Earboy's sensitive best friend, has a slice of pepperoni pizza for a face) (Season 1-3)
  • Lump Maroon (A maroon who says nothing but "Jupiter!" and pops up in random sketches) (Season 3-5)
  • Clavis (elderly best friend of Mavis) (Season 1-5)
  • Peter (well-mannered teen, spoof of Gallant from Goofus & Gallant) (Season 2-4)
  • Coach Kreeton (crabby Dullmont Junior High athletic coach who suffers many unfortunate accidents. he lists synonyms for words("hall pass,ticket,slip" for example) (Season 1-5)
  • Disco (member of Cloudy Knights, easily manipulated by girlfriend Yoko) (Season 4)
  • Repairman-man (insane "hero" who "repairs" things with a sledgehammer and echos his own name) (Season 2-5)
  • Officer Colby (member of the Cheese Police) (Season 1-2, Season 4)
  • Singo (navigator/gunner of USS Spaceship, sings everything he says) (Season 3-4)
  • Alan (professional cereal critic, reviews weird cereal with Allen) (Season 1-2)
  • Dr. K (radio advice show host) (Season 1-2)
  • Yo-Gurl (woman made of yogurt, enemy of Superdude) (season 3)
  • Cow-Boy (half-man, half-cow, enemy of Superdude) (season 4)
  • Butter Boy (man made of butter, enemy of Superdude) (season 2)
  • Steve Urkel (spoof of the Family Matters character) (Season 1)
  • Pasta Mon (Rastafarian man made of noodles who has no sauce, seeks help from the Wizard of Cos) (Season 2)
  • "Squash Boy" (character which never appeared due to costume problems, sometimes played by Kenan) (Season 3)

Lori Beth Denberg (seasons 1-4)

  • Vital Information gal (girl who imparts pearls of "wisdom" to audience) (Season 1-4, role was then taken up by Tamberelli, then later Lil' JJ)
  • Fran (cynical, short-tempered girl stranded on an island with Kiki) (Season 2-3)
  • Miss Fingerly (barely-competent Dullmont Junior High teacher) (Season 1-4)
  • Ms. Hushbum (a hypocritically loud librarian, hates when others make sound) (Season 2-4)
  • Complaint Department lady (IQ-impaired customer service employee) (Season 2-4)
  • Ethel Mertz (spoof of the I Love Lucy character) (Season 4)
  • Connie Muldoon (eccentric frequent customer of Good Burger, despite constant trouble with Ed) (Season 1-4)
  • Manager (owner of "We Got Pants", a store that carries only one pair of slacks) (Season 4)
  • Thumbtax (hostile queen of the Thumbtax race, has ridiculous lisp, enemy of the USS Spaceship crew) (Season 3-4)
  • Sweaty Woman (Woman who costantly sweats. Appears in Superdude sketchs) (Season 3-4)
  • Jenny Plus (Mean Girl Who Steals Earboys Election Idea In Earboys School) (Season 1)
  • Mrs. Maroon (Lump Maroon's Mother,Usually When Someone Calls or Knocks She Answers To Random Objects) (Season 3)

Katrina Johnson (seasons 1-3)

Katrina Johnson
  • Ross Perot (crazy billionaire and mentor to Earboy, spoof of the politician) (Season 1-3)
  • Roseanne Barr (spoof of the raunchy comedian) (Season 1-2)
  • Lactose Intolerance-Definer (appears in Superdude skits to define "lactose-intolerant" to nearby civilians, role later reprised by Bynes) (Season 1-3)
  • Lemonade Scammer (young girl selling lemonade from a curbside stand and scamming people out of their money sometimes using pity, guilt, or just plain crying) (Season 1-3)
  • Dorothy (Main Character In The Wizard Of Cos,Spoof Of Dorthy From The Wizard Of Oz ) (Season 2)
  • Bouncer Girl (A Bouncer Who Wont Let Any One Get Past Her) (Season 1)
  • Didi (Kiki's younger sister, only appeared once) (Season 3)

Alisa Reyes (seasons 1-3)

IMG 20121005 203414
  • Kiki (upbeat, perky girl stranded on an island with Fran) (Season 2-3)
  • Penny Lane (reprising Bates' role as Superdude's Damsel-in-distress) (Season 3)
  • Tinsel Teeth (Earboy's friend, has Christmas decor for teeth) (Season 1)
  • Sally (Popular Girl in Earboy's school who he has a crush on but thinks he's a freak b/c of his large ears) (Season 1)
  • Susumi (communications officer of USS Spaceship under Captain Tantrum, spoof of Lt.Uhura on Star Trek) (Season 3)
  • Baggin' Saggin' Mary (Competition To Bagging Sagging Barry) (Season 2)
  • Chuck Maroon (Sister To Lump Maroon) (Season 3)

Angelique Bates (season 1-2)

IMG 20121005 203800
  • Mandy (chocolate-loving TV chef, former co-host to Randy) (Season 1-2)
  • Steve Urkel (spoof of the Family Matters character) (Season 1-2)
  • Four Eyes (Earboy's girlfriend, has four eyes) (Season 1-2)
  • Penny Lane (Superdude's damsel in distress spoof of Lois Lane) (Season 1-2)
  • Beth (Good Burger Trainee who Ed is in love with. Appears in 4 Good Burger sketches)

Amanda Bynes (seasons 3-6)

  • Ashley (short-fused advice-giver who receives many seemingly obvious questions) (Season 3-6)
  • Gina (teenybopper valley girl co-host of "What-everrrrr!") (Season 4-6)
  • Jiffy Springs (pop singer, spoof of Britney Spears) (Season 6)
  • Captain Tantrum (adolescent commander of USS Spaceship) (Season 3-4)
  • Skye (spacey artisan) (Season 5)
  • Megan Marples (geeky girl with many hidden talents) (Season 4-5)
  • Lucy Ricardo (spoof of the I Love Lucy protagonist) (Season 4)
  • Lactose Intolerance-Definer (reprising Katrina Johnson's role after Johnson left the show) (Season 4-5)
  • Classical music girl (plays multiple classical instruments in extremely inappropriate situations or ways) (Season 3-4)
  • Dr. Debbie (cheerleading physician) (Season 6)
  • 'Squash'-Girl (companion to 'Squash'-hick) (Season 3)
  • Evil Superdude (impostor who people could not tell apart from the real superhero) (Season 3)
  • Penelope Taynt (recurring character from The Amanda Show, used in a season 7 episode)

Tricia Dickson (season 3)

  • none

Danny Tamberelli (seasons 4-6)

  • Vital Information guy (took over role after Denberg left the show) (Season 5-6)
  • Hairy Spice (Spice Boy with thick body hair and English accent) (Season 5-6)
  • Boring Man (the dullest superhero ever with the power to bore people to sleep) (Season 6)
  • Janitor Gasious (cranky, disgusting Dullmont Junior High janitor, burps constantly) (Season 4-5)
  • Francis the Caveman (primitive talk show host appeared in other sketches) (Season 5-6)
  • Jack Campbell, Fat Cop (overweight policeman who uses crime scene investigations as an excuse to eat victims' food) (Season 4)
  • Cheeseburger Doyle (voice only; a talking sandwich private detective who squirted mustard at suspects) (Season 6)
  • Ralph Forrester (Aussie nature expert, spoof of Steve Irwin and Nigel Thornberry) (Season 6)
  • Cruton (enemy Of USS Spaceship, Made Of Crutons) (Season 4)
  • Bo Stallion (reporter of Channel 6 1/2 Sports) (Season 5)
  • Helga (short tempered girl with a Dutch accent)(season 5-6)

Christy Knowings (seasons 4-6)

  • Brenda Stone (self-absorbed, lazy news anchorwoman) (Season 5-6)
  • Jessica (teenybopper co-host of "What-everrrrr!") (Season 4-6)
  • Winter Wonders (host of "What Do You Do", spoof of Summer Sanders) (Season 4)
  • Yoko (manipulative girlfriend of Disco, spoof of Yoko Ono) (Season 4)
  • Hot Toe (enemy of Jimmy Bond, vixen with a big toe full of volcanic lava) (Season 4)
  • Lt. Fondue (second communications officer of USS Spaceship under Captain Tantrum, spoof of Lt. Uhura on Star Trek) (Season 4)
  • Jenny (assistant to Dr. Bynes) (Season 4)
  • Gloria Bankhead (home decorator, spoof of Martha Stewart) (Season 6)
  • Mrs. Kibbitz (Bernie's wife) (Season 4)
  • Miss Klump (barely-competent Dullmont Junior High teacher, replaced Miss Fingerly) (Season 5-6)
  • Penny Lane (reprising Bates and Reyes' role as Superdude's damsel in distress) (Season 4-5)
  • Miss Williams (President of Dudco Enterprises, LaTanya's boss) (Season 6)
  • Helga (Toby Bruan's Assistant,Strong Girl) (Season 4)
  • LaTasha (Enemy Of Latanya And Lanisha) (Season 5)
  • Lulu (Baby who discuses topics with brother Chester) (Season 6)
  • Milly Fuco (Billy Fuco's Mom) (Season 6)

Leon Frierson (seasons 4-6)

  • Leroy (cynical young kiddie-show host, enjoys abusing his puppet co-star, Fuzz) (seasons 4-6)
  • Pillow Boy (sidekick to Boring Man, places pillows under sleeping criminals) (Season 6)
  • Billy Fuco (loud boy who enjoys saying his own name) (Season 4-6)
  • C.J. (short, cute leader of the Cloudy Knights, has biggest afro in the group) (Season 4)
  • Repairboy-boy (Repairman's second opinion) (Season 4)
  • Lester Oaks, Construction Worker, Jr. (son of Lester Oaks, Construction Worker) (Season 5)
  • Mr. Big (enemy of Jimmy Bond, spoof of similar villain from James Bond) (Season 6)
  • Boy In The Don't Do This At Home Or School Sketches (Boy Who Deminstrates What Not To do At School Or At Home) (Season 5)

Zack McLemore (season 4)

  • Mr. Trevell (Wackjob Dullmont Music Teacher, Miss Fingerly has a crush on him)

Victor Cohn-Lopez (Season 4)

Nick Cannon (seasons 5-6)

IMG 20121005 192811
  • Sweaty Spice (Spice Boy who constantly perspires) (Season 5-6)
  • LaTanya (self-centered female convenience store employee; Cannon later kept the character for his spinoff The Nick Cannon Show) (Season 5-6)
  • Bingo (guy with giant afro) (Season 5-6)
  • Bank Robber (A bank robber in a superhero sketch called boring man) (Season 6)

Mark Saul (seasons 5-6)

IMG 20121005 192929
  • Stuart (crazy young man who kidnaps people and tries to do their jobs) (Season 5-6)
  • Arnie Fishback (nerdy boy) (Season 5)
  • Andre (Gloria Bankhead's mute assistant, constantly annoys her) (Season 6)
  • Hypno-Pants (nemesis of Boring Man, wears hypnotic trousers) (Season 6)
  • Murray (stuttering child who loves balloons, Then pops them once he gets them.) (Season 6)
  • Rhineheart the Dancing Monkey Boy (video clip used during "technical difficulties") (Season 5-6)
  • Moby Braun (Toby Braun's little brother) (Season 6)
  • Nigel Forrester (Aussie nature expert, spoof on Steve Irwin and Nigel Thornberry) (Season 6)
  • Ricardo (conceited ladies' man) (Season 6)
  • Dr. Maybe (enemy of Jimmy Bond, spoof of Dr. No) (season 5)

Gabriel Iglesias (season 6)

IMG 20121005 192841
  • Benji Martin (Ricky Martin's Brother)
  • Bill Clinton (spoof of the then-president)
  • Mr. Nice-Guy (enemy of Jimmy Bond, a villain who used politeness to conquer the world)
  • Gomer
  • Pizza Guy
  • Chester (Baby who discusses topics with sister Lulu)

Second Run (seasons 7-10)

Chelsea Brummet (seasons 7-10)
IMG 20121004 173430
  • Polly Baboo (overly-nice "American Idiot" judge, spoof of Paula Abdul) (Seasons 8-9)
  • Bridgett (boy-crazy host of televised slumber parties in her room) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Sharon Osbourne (spoof of the television personality) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Brittney (generic spoof of Britney Spears) (Seasons 7-8)
  • Lil' Embryo's mama (mother/manager of an embyonic rapper) (Season 9)
  • Abby Rhodes (ditzy teenage girl, named for the Beatles' album) (Season 10)
  • Avril Lavigne (spoof of the singer)
  • "Tea & Crumpets" lady (refined and uptight antithesis to the Sugar & Coffee hosts)
  • Hick Sister 1 (Nashville-style singer, spoof of Wynonna Judd)
  • Spella (witch from reality-show spoof "The Unreal World") (Seasons 8-9)
  • Jessiquat Zortog (alien, owns Earth restaurant that serves soylent meat) (Season 10)
  • Mega Butt (superhero with inflatable butt, member of "LAMOS" crimefighting team) (Season 10)
Jack DeSena (seasons 7-10)
IMG 20121004 173445
  • Slimon Bowel (overly-cruel "American Idiot" judge, spoof of Simon Cowell) (Seasons 8-9)
  • Rowdy Fan #1 (rabid fan of whatever's happening in the scene, friend of #2) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Percy Flavin (dorky boy with whiny voice, sometimes hosts a cooking show with the Buford Rougeneck, possible spoof of Jerry Lewis) (Seasons 7-10)
  • Ozzy Osbourne (spoof of the singer) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Clem Rougeneck (uneducated head of the Rougeneck clan, and unaware that his mother is dead) (Seasons 8-10)
  • Randy Quench (insane volunteer fireman who overreacts to anything involving heat) (Seasons 8-10)
  • Brad Dashman (philandering conceited football player, boyfriend of Heather) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Carson Daly (spoof of the Total Request Live host) (Seasons 7-8)
  • Vlad (vampire from "The Unreal World") (Seasons 8-9)
  • Papa Zortog (alien, owns Earth restaurant that serves soylent meat) (Season 10)
  • Dr. Fist (evil villain with giant fist, fights "LAMOS") (Season 10)
Lisa Foiles (seasons 7-10)
IMG 20121004 173311
  • Claudia (dark, gothic friend of Bridgett, has magical powers, also reads morbid poetry to small children) (Seasons 7-10)
  • Herheiney (friend of Harry Bladder, spoof of Hermione Granger) (Seasons 7-8)
  • Mama Rougeneck (Co-head of the Rougeneck clan) (Seasons 7-10)
  • Kelly Osbourne (spoof of Ozzy and Sharon's daughter) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Heather Darling (philandering conceited cheerleader, girlfriend to Brad) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Spirit (ghost of a cheerleader from "The Unreal World") (Seasons 8-9)
  • Vocabulary Girl (Lisa teaches the audience new words, while a ventriloquist dummy uses the words to mock her) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Venice Hyatt (airhead socialite, spoof of Paris Hilton) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Kaffy (over-caffeinated co-host of "Sugar & Coffee") (Seasons 7-10)
  • Hick Sister 2 (Nashville-style singer, spoof of Dolly Parton)
  • Lactose Intolerance-Definer (reprised Katrina & Amanda's role when Kenan guest-starred in season 7)
  • Marlee (co-hosts "Trashin' Fashion", loosely references Joan Rivers) (Seasons 8-9)
  • Elaine Fist (wife of Dr. Fist) (Season 10)
  • Supermodel (a villain who can turn supermodels into mannequins, appeared in an un-aired "LAMOS" sketch) (Season 10)
Kyle Sullivan (seasons 7-10)
IMG 20121004 173457
  • Bryan Peafest (essentially useless host of "American Idiot", spoof of Ryan Seacrest) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Harry Bladder (spoof of Harry Potter) (Seasons 7-8)
  • Jack Osbourne (spoof of Ozzy and Sharon's son) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Ernie (young intern operator of the "Tilt-A-Hurl" ride) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Vince Laffoon (host of "Sneaky Camera") (Season 9)
  • Max (enthusiastic children's show host, outfit suggests spoof of Steve Burns)
  • Elliot (Bridgett's standard-issue annoying little brother) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Gabe (accountant from "The Unreal World" who does not know he is a werewolf and fears all of his co-inhabitants) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Dr. Laser (superhero with Class II laser pointer fingers, member of "LAMOS") (Season 10)
  • Buzz (over-sugared co-host of "Sugar & Coffee") (Seasons 7-10)
  • Rougeneck Introducer (well-to-do boy in classy surroundings who introduces each Rougeneck skit) (Seasons 7-10)
  • Claude Grimes (An Australian cooking-show host) (Seasons 9-10)
Shane Lyons (seasons 7-9)
IMG 20121004 173350
  • Bucketman (powerful radioactive superhero with a bucket stuck over his head) (Seasons 7-8)
  • Rowdy Fan #2 (rabid fan of whatever happens in the sketch, friend of #1) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Buford Rougeneck (unintelligent son of the Rougeneck family, also Percy's cooking show host) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Murray (clumsy roofer)
  • Frank (spoof of Frankenstein's monster from "The Unreal World") (Seasons 8-9)
  • Cupid (mascot of "2-Gether 4-ever" starring Brad & Heather) (Season 9)
  • Saco (brash parody of Draco Malfoy)
  • Soupdude (superhero who makes delicious soup dishes to stop criminals) (Season 7)
  • Himself (Shane fights a variety of things, always losing, also in "Advice from the Old Lady in Shane's Mouth") (Seasos 7-9)
Giovonnie Samuels (seasons 7-9)
IMG 20121004 173411
  • Mandy Snackson ("American Idiot" judge who constantly says "You did your thing, dog", spoof of Randy Jackson) (Seasons 8-9)
  • Stacy Chit (host of "Chit Chat", where she frequently become bored with her guests) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Gail (naive & sunny participant in Bridgett's slumber parties) (Seasons 7-9)
  • Ms Fishtail (driving instructor who intentionally distracts her students while they drive)
  • Pharah (sassy Egyptian mummy from "The Unreal World") (Seasons 8-9)
  • Zit-Connector (Draws simple pictures using back-pimples) (Seasons 7-8)
Bryan Hearne (seasons 7-8)
IMG 20121004 173338
  • Lil' Fetus (rapper who has yet to be born, spoof of Bow Wow, Lil' Romeo & others) (Seasons 7-8)
  • Zigfried (foreign-born cabbie who drives terribly and frequently calls people kumquats)
  • Mr. Flopples (unenthusiastic children's show character, suggested spoof of the title character of Blue's Clues)
  • ReRon (precocious best friend of Harry Bladder, spoof of Ron Weasley) (Seasons 7-8)
Jamie Lynn Spears (seasons 8-9)
IMG 20121004 173625
  • Thelma Stump (elderly All That security guard with a love of bacon) (Seasons 8-9)
  • Betty Jo Rougeneck (middle child of the Rougeneck clan) (Seasons 8-9)
  • Pickles (sadistic elf who torments Mr. Flopples) (Season 8)
  • Zoe (barely animate zombie on "The Unreal World") (Seasons 8-9)
  • Carlee (co-hosts "Trashin' Fashion", loosely references Melissa Rivers) (Seasons 8-9)
Christina Kirkman (seasons 9-10, winner of "R U All That" competition)
IMG 20121004 174157
  • Lil' Embryo (rapper even younger than Lil' Fetus) (Season 9)
  • Head (disembodied and disgruntled head of a New Yorker on "The Unreal World") (Season 9)
  • Poncy Flavin (Percy's sister) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Cindy Lou Rougeneck (the baby of the Rougeneck family) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Sunshine Sally (a talking doll that drives children insane at their parents' request) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Bernice (Bernie Kibbitz's great granddaughter, appeared in the 10th Anniversary show)
  • Zsa Zsa Zortog (daughter of Mama & Papa Zortog) (Season 10)
  • Squat (Claude's dirty assistant) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Roxy McDoogle (escaped juvenile convict) (Season 10)
  • Jen Rollands (Channel 6 1/2 News reporter) (Season 10)
Ryan Coleman (seasons 9-10, joined midseason, finalist of "R U All That")
IMG 20121004 173820
  • Ed (reprising Kel Mitchell's role) (Seasons 9-10)
  • The Sprinkler (half-man/half-sprinkler, member of "LAMOS") (Season 10)
  • Jim Tasty (edible grade-school student) (Seasons 9-10)
  • Rex Firestone (host of "Everything") (Season 10)
  • Rodney Quench (Nephew of Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman) (Seasons 9-10)
Kianna Underwood (season 10)
IMG 20121004 174857
  • Kareena Jones (an old, dangerously negligent bus driver, name is a play on the word careen)
  • Kyra Stanks (a geeky spoof of Tyra Banks)
Denzel Whitaker (season 10)
IMG 20121004 174942
  • Gwok Zortog (son of Mama & Papa Zortog)
  • The Barber (superhero who styles hair, member of "LAMOS")
  • Cupid 2 (new mascot of "2gether 4ever")
  • Jeff Bester (safety tester who deems products unsafe by using them abusively)
  • Harry Snuffer (old boyfriend of Kareena Jones)
  • Ben Rollands (Channel 6 1/2 News reporter)

Lil' JJ (season 10)

  • Vital Information dude (reprising sketch once done by Denberg and Tamberelli)


Dan Schneider (seasons 1-10)

  • Mr. Bailey (manager of Good Burger after season 1)
  • "Ask Ashley" Announcer (weird voice that leads into & out of "Ask Ashley" skits)
  • Old Lady in Shane's Mouth (see name)
  • "Know Your Stars" Announcer (reprising Brian Peck's role) (Seasons 9-10)

Bonnie Helman

Ms. Bubbell

Soup (seasons 1-6)

  • Announcer

Kevin Kopelow (seasons 1-6)

  • Kevin the stage manager (tells the cast when they have 5 minutes to air, then is abused by the cast)

Tim Goodwin (seasons 1-3)

  • Manager of Good Burger (Unnamed manager of Good Burger during season 1. Later replaced by Dan Schneider)
  • Usually plays a dad.

Brian Peck (seasons 7-10)

  • Pickle Boy (a mute man who shares his love of pickles with all)
  • "Know Your Stars" Announcer (an unseen voice that mocks cast members and guest stars) (Seasons 7-8)

Jeremy Rowley (seasons 7-8)

  • Professor Chafe (mean teacher of Harry Bladder, spoof of Severus Snape)
  • "Tilt-A-Hurl" Operator (very messy man, due to his job)
  • "Rate the Pain" Victim (man who receives an injury, then rates it from 1-10)

Britney Spears (various episodes throughout the series)

  • Herself


  • Fat Cheerleader (woman who just screams, season 9)
  • Mee-Ma Rougeneck (deceased mother of Papa Rougeneck, seasons 9-10)
  • Lil' Fetus's mother (fetal rapper's mom/manager, seasons 7-8)
  • "Connect the Zits" canvas (man with back acne who is drawn upon by Giovannie, seasons 7-8)
  • Old Man (a man who is old, member of "LAMOS", season 10)
  • Hillbilly Jug Band (A hillbilly band with midgets, season 9)
  • Maude (Kyle's elderly girlfriend, season 10)

Prop Characters

  • The Big Ear of Corn - see name, seasons 1-6,
  • Fuzz (Kevin Carlson) - an annoying puppet, seasons 4-6
  • Dead Spice - a guitar-playing skeleton, seasons 5-6
  • Action League Now! - action figures, sometime during season 1
  • Oswald (Dan Schneider) - an obnoxious ventriloquist dummy, season 7-9
  • Mr. Artichoke Head - inanimate doll owned by Kareena Jones, season 10

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