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This is a list of episodes from the American science fiction comedy television series Marvin Marvin. The series premiered on November 24, 2012.

Season 1

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Title Original air date Production
1 1 "Pilot" November 24, 2012 (2012-11-24) 101[1]
Marvin wants to go to school, but Bob and Liz won't let him. Telling Bob and Liz that Marvin is upstairs shedding his skin, Henry then sneaks Marvin to school without them knowing. Meanwhile, Teri is running for student council against a super hot football player named Cliff Drill, and she has no one voting for her. Teri tells Marvin to pretend he isn't related to her. Teri then realizes that Cliff is stealing her posters, but she has no witness except a mime. Teri and her friend Brianna look for ways to win the election while Marvin tries to adjust to school, but keeps messing up (Releasing the animals from the science lab after they tell him they want to be released, dancing to ringtones whenever a phone rings.) When Marvin catches Cliff stealing Teri's posters, Cliff gets mad. Teri plays music, and Marvin starts dancing, luckily dodging Cliff's punches in the process, until finally the football player lands in the trash can. Brianna tells everyone Teri knows Marvin, and they all say they'll vote for Teri. Marvin returns home where Bob and Liz scold him for they realized he wasn't shedding after all and was at school. After Teri tells them she'll keep an eye on Marvin, they agree to let him go to school, but ground him and Henry.
2 2 "Improbable Story" December 1, 2012 (2012-12-01) 105[1]
Marvin's ability to talk to horses inspires a plan from Grandpa to help him win big at the track. Meanwhile, Teri and Brianna come up with two inventions, The "Hairbandit," and "StickyBuds"
3 3 "Toothache" December 8, 2012 (2012-12-08) 103[1]
Marvin "fends for himself" and eats a huge amount of chocolate when a family meal is called off, and soon he develops an explosive toothache.
4 4 "Ice Pop Pop" December 15, 2012 (2012-12-15) 106[1]
Marvin learns what an expiration date is, and he thinks that Pop-Pop will expire when he sees his driver's license. The day before Pop-Pop was supposed to "expire," he says that the bacon is going to expire in one day so Bob tells him to freeze the bacon to keep it fresh. So he freezes Pop-Pop. Marvin, Henry, Liz and Bob soon discovered that Pop-Pop was tricking Marvin so he can get whatever he wants. Upon unfreezing him, it is unveiled that Marvin tried to make a device to make Pop-Pop young again. But it backfired so he is now an elderly. He was about to die, so he asks Bob to make him a smoothie as his last wish. It is revealed that he only set his cloaking device to "Old Fart". Meanwhile Teri and Briana plot revenge on a boy who has asked them both on a date only to find out that the boy is actually a twin.
5 5 "Burger On a Bun" January 5, 2013 (2013-01-05) 108[1]
After seeing a bicycle with training wheels on them, Marvin asks for more money, so Liz says to Marvin that Teri has a job at Burger on a Bun. He goes in for the job, but takes it too seriously. That only got him to Assistant Manager. Taking the job too hard, he fired Teri. Burger on a Bun went downhill in quality, so Briana quit when Marvin kept on taking it seriously. This caused him to make the burgers in his own way. After people started leaving, Marvin got fired. But he spent all the money he made on Katy Perry tickets for Teri. Meanwhile, Pop-Pop and Henry find a suitcase Bill Gates lost 20 years ago and try to open it, only to find the suitcase itself is valuable.
6 6 "Marvin and the Cool Kids" January 12, 2013 (2013-01-12) 107[1]
Marvin begins to spend time with the popular kids at school and gets the cool reputation, but his new popular friends make him take the risk of breaking the rules and forgetting his best friend. Meanwhile, Teri obsesses over the unknown writer of the notebook she found at school.
7 7 "Scary Movie" January 19, 2013 (2013-01-19) 109[1]
When Liz forbids Marvin and Henry from seeing a scary movie, they disobey her and watch it anyway. After seeing it, the horrors from the movie come to life. Meanwhile, Teri tries to impress a boy by "accidentally" pocket dialing him and pretending to do exciting things.
8 8 "Double Date" January 26, 2013 (2013-01-26) 102
Marvin and Teri go on a double date. After Marvin takes a picture of him and his date, Liz, Henry and Pop-Pop thought that the waiter is a Klerg.
9 9 "Basketball[1]" February 2, 2013 104[1]
When Marvin wants to try and pick a sports team to be active, he picks Basketball and soon discovers he has the gift and talent of playing it.
10 10 "Space-Cation[1]" February 9, 2013[1] 110[1]
When Marvin sends the Forman family to a unknown planet by mistake. In order to save them is to tell Brianna the truth that he is an alien, in the end it turns out they are still on Earth.
11 11 "Battle of the Bands[1]" February 16, 2013[1] 112[1]
Marvin needs a band to perform in "Battle of the Bands", so he uses a group of kindergarteners. Meanwhile the Forman family has a chili cook off and the loser has to eat their chili from Marvin's shoe.
12 12 "Marvin Gets a Pet[1]" February 23, 2013[1] 113
Marvin finds a Klootonian egg and tries to raise it as a pet against Liz and Bob's wishes. Meanwhile, Teri tries to make everything perfect when meeting a U.S. senator.
13 13 "Calm Palm[1]" March 2, 2013[1] 111
Marvin Decides to Grow a Palm tree in his Room, When he finds a Klootan Rock in his rock collection.
14-15 14-15 "Klerg Time Rush[1]" March 9, 2013[1] 114-115
When Marvin and Teri go to see Big Time Rush in Concert, A Gang of Klergs team up and Kidnap them!
16 16 "St. Glar Kai Day[1]" March 16, 2013[1] 116
17 17 "Attack of the Aliens[1]" March 23, 2013[1] 118
18 18 "The Invention[1]" March 30, 2013[1] 117

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