1. Chalk Zone/What is Funny?/Jelly's Day
  2. The F-Tales/25 Cent Trouble/Cat & Milkman
  3. Jamal The Funny Frog/Thatta Boy/Hobart in: The Woodkeeper
  4. Protecto-5000/Ask Edward/Peter Patrick,P.I.
  5. Max and His Special Problem/Tutu The Superina/Blotto
  6. Tales From Goose Lady: Jack And The Beanstalk/Twins Crimson & Those Amazing Robots!/Olly & Frank
  7. Kitty, The Helpless Cat!/A Cop & His Dounut/Enchanted Adventure
  8. The Fairly OddParents!/Hobart and The Merman!/Super Santa Jungle Bell Justice!
  9. APEX Cartoon Props/That's My Pop!/Hubbykins vs. Sweetiepie
  10. The Man With No Nose!/Youngstar 3/Hey Look!
  11. Chalk Zone: The Amazi'n River!/Hanzel & Grande/The Feelers
  12. Max and The Pigeon Incident!/Zoomates!/Microcops
  13. Fat Head/Planet Kate
  14. Chalk Zone: Rudy's Date!/A Kid's Life Featuring' Those Blackheads!/The Fairly OddParents!: Too Many Timmys!
  15. Tales From Gooselady: The 3 Little Pigs!/Freddy Seymoure's Amazing Life/Jamal The Funny Frog: His Musical Moment
  16. Chalk Zone: Snap Out of Water/Earth To Obie/Mina & The Count: Ghouls Tribunal
  17. The Fairly OddParents!: Wheres The Wand?/Magic Trixie/Tales From Gooselady: The Egg Who Would Be King
  18. Chalk Zone: Secret Passeges/Kid From S.C.H.O.O.L./Mina & The Count: The Vampier Who Came To Dinner
  19. The Fairly OddParents!: Party of 3!/The Forgotten Toy Box: Curse of The Werebaby!/Jelly's Day: Uncle Betty's Strange Rash
  20. Chalk Zone: Chalk Dad!/A Dog & His Boy/Mina & the Count:Playing A Hunch
  21. The Fairly OddParents!: The Fairy Flu!/Lolly Gaggin/Tales From Gooselady: Tortoise & The Hairpiece
  22. Chalk Zone:Chalk Rain/The Dan Danger Show/Mina & the Count: My Best Friend
  23. The Fairly OddParents!: The Temp!/Herb!/Jamal The Funny Frog: Milk Dreams
  24. Jelly's Day: Auntie Broth's Makeover/Terry & Chris/Mina & the Count: Franken Frog
  25. The Fairly OddParents!: The Zappys!/Let's Talk Turkey/Tales From Gooselady: 3 Bears & a Blonde
  26. Chalk Zone: Rapunsel/Zoey's Zoo: Lots of Ocelots/My Neighbor is A Teenage Robot
  27. Super Santa: South Pole Joe/Sick & Tired: Bug Bite/Tales From Gooselady: The Ugly Duck Thing
  28. Super Santa: Vegetation/Elise: Mere Mortal/A Kid's Life: Picture Perfect
  29. The Tantrum/The Dan Danger Show:%100 Danger/Super Santa:Naughty
  30. The Fairly OddParents!: The Really Bad Day!/Baxter & Bananas:Monkey See Money Don't/Tales From Gooselady: The Fisherman, The Fisherman's Wife & Fish
  31. The Dan Danger Show:A Ligher Shade of Danger/Kameleon Kid/Jamal The Funny Frog: Camping
  32. The Fairly OddParents!: Scouts Honor!Skippy Spankerson:Monster Movie Maddness/Jamal The Funny Frog: Beach
  33. The Fairly OddParents!: Super Humor!/The Boy Who Cried Alien/Jamal The Funny Frog: Dentist
  34. The AnimeLand/Jungle School/Blasterball
  35. Jungle School: The Sheds/The AnimeLand: McDonald Crew/Certifrycation Class
  36. Jungle School: Shiny Thing/Jerry & Wally/Burple Nurples
  37. The AnimeLand: Substitute Creature/The Tractor/Jungle School: Chew on This
  38. The Revenge of the Kameleon Kid/The AnimeLand: Disco Dancing/D.A.S.H.
  39. The AnimeLand: Gym/Detention Attention/Martin Mystery!