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The Loud House Characters Nickelodeon

Clockwise from left: Luan, Leni, Lori, Lincoln, Clyde, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Lola, Lily, and Lana.

The following is a list of characters featured in the Nicktoon The Loud House.

The Loud family

Image Name Voice actor Description
Lincoln Loud Sean Ryan Fox (pilot);
Grant Palmer (episodes 1-22)
Collin Dean (episode 23 onward)
The series' protagonist, an 11-year-old boy who is the only son in his family.
Lori Loud Catherine Taber The oldest sister in the family. She is a bossy and cynical teenager who bosses her siblings around and is often calling or texting her boyfriend Bobby on her smartphone.
Leni Loud Liliana Mumy The second-oldest sister in the family. She is kind-hearted, but also not very bright.
Luna Loud Nika Futterman The third-oldest sister in the family. She is a free-spirited musician with an interest in rock and roll music.
Luan Loud Cristina Pucelli The fourth-oldest sister in the family. She is a funny fourteen-year-old comedic prankster.
Lynn Loud Jr. Jessica DiCicco The fifth-oldest sister in the family. She is an athletic 13-year old.
Lucy Loud Jessica DiCicco The fifth-youngest sister in the family. Lucy is an goth girl with a tendency to suddenly appear in places, which often frightens her siblings.
Lana Loud Grey Griffin The fourth-youngest of the sisters, and the older of the family's two twin girls. Lana loves to play in mud, much to her twin Lola's annoyance.
Lola Loud Grey Griffin Lana's polar-opposite identical twin sister. Lola is a conceited and bratty girl who often assumes the role of an antagonist whenever her siblings anger her.
Lisa Loud Lara Jill Miller The second-youngest sister in the family who, despite her young age, is very smart.
Lily Loud Grey Griffin The youngest sister in the family. She is only one year old, and her diaper has a foul smell, which she takes off mostly.
Lynn Sr. and Rita
Lynn Loud Sr. and Rita Loud Brian Stepanek and Jilly Talley The parents of the Loud family. Both of their faces were never seen onscreen in the first season, eventually being revealed in "11 Louds a Leapin'".
Charles N/A The Loud family's pet pitbull terrier dog.
Cliff N/A The Loud family's pet cat.
The Loud House Geo
Geo N/A The Loud family's pet hamster, almost always seen inside his plastic hamster ball.
The Loud House Walt
Walt N/A The Loud family's pet canary.
Izzy Loud House
Izzy N/A Lana's pet lizard.

Other characters

Image Name Voice actor Description
Clyde McBride Caleel Harris Lincoln's best friend, who serves as a wingman to him in his exploits and has an unrequited crush on Lori.
Howard and Harold McBride - The Loud House
Howard and Harold McBride Michael McDonald and Wayne Brady Clyde's overprotective gay parents who care deeply about their son's well-being.
Bobby Undie Pressure 3
Bobby Santiago Carlos Pena, Jr. Lori's boyfriend, who is normally seen texting or calling her. He has multiple jobs, including mall security officer and lifeguard.
Ronnie Anne is not amused
Ronnie Anne Santiago Breanna Yde Lincoln's girlfriend and Bobby's younger sister, who enjoys skating and pranks.
The Loud House Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Agnes Johnson Susanne Blakeslee Lincoln's fifth-grade class teacher.
No Image
Mr. Grouse John DiMaggio The Loud family's curmudgeonly neighbor who frequently complains about and heckles their antics.
Chunk John DiMaggio Luna's roadie, a large burly man who speaks with a British accent.
Flip John DiMaggio The enthusiastic and somewhat stingy owner of a downtown gas station and convenience store called "Flip's Food & Fuel."
Mick Swagger
Mick Swagger Jeff Bennett A famous singer and leader of a rock band whom Luna is a big fan of.

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