• Arnold Will Be Back In a beat
  • Stick Around for More Arnold
  • Rugrats Will Return
  • Rugrats Are Back
  • More Dog Cat In a Moment (You Mean CatDog)
  • They Are Back! (Me-Ow) CatDog That Is (Lost)
  • Oh Yeah Cartoons Will Resume Very Soon
  • More Nicktoons Right Now, Oh Yeah
  • Nick-el-o-dee-on Nickelodeon
  • Nickelodeon Nick Nick Nick
  • stick Tight There's more coming
  • Quit Break
  • There's More Coming Very Soon
  • More Oddparents, Fairly Soon
  • I Wish The Fairly Oddparents are Back. Ding
  • Don't Go! the Thornberries Will Return
  • The Thornberries are Back, Tell Your Dog
  • Pelswick Will Be Right Back
  • The Goy with a Red Cap is Back
  • Rugrats Are Back For More!!!
  • Rugrats Will Return (eat Some Baby Food)
  • More SpongeBob Coming Up. Stay Down
  • He's Wet. He's Yellow. He's Back!

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