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Face Painting - Featuring Face using Red Circle for his left eye, Blue Square for his right eye, and Yellow rectangle for his mouth.

Many Faces - Features many numbers of Faces - One Face, Two Face, Four Face, Six Face.

ABCs - Features Face singing the ABC song.

Potatoes - Features Face counting 4 potatoes.

Birthday - Features Face seeing a birthday cake making itself and they cover the cake with chocolate syrup, Then they decorate the cake with flowers, and Face counts 3 candles, and Face blows out the candles.

Jigsaw Puzzle - Features Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces of face arranging together

Boo Boo - Featuring face having a bandage on his face.

Spelling - Features face spelling his name and sings a song.

Hat Day - Features Face wearing many hats.

Frere Jacques - Features Face singing a song to the tune of Frere Jacques.

Changing Into Different Things - Features Face turning into a clown, an astronaut, and a piece of wood, before they clean his face.

We're Looking for Blue's Clues - Features Face singing 'We are looking for Blue's Clues', and a Pawprint appears on him.

Lion - Featuring Face pretending to be a lion.

Milk - Featuring Face drinking milk and getting a milk Mustache.

Opposite - Features Face doing some opposites.

Sandwich - Features Face eating his Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.

Little Bill - Featuring Face Meeting Little Bill.

Vegetable Garden Song - Features Face singing the Vegetable Garden song

Amby & Dexter - Features Face cheering "Gimme an Amby", then "Gimme a Dexter".

Light Switch - Features Face trying to find a light switch

Face & Periwinkle - Features Face meeting Periwinkle who says "Hello There" in the promo, then pretending to be in thebeach.

Spin Art - Features Face spinning himself for spin art, red, blue, and yellow paint balls falling on him, and face stopping himself from spinning.

Pizza - Features Face getting topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sausages, and brocolli, them on face dissappearing, and face getting topped with cheese.

Frog - Features Face being a frog

Music - Feautres Face singing Opera, Country, and Rock N' roll

Sleep - Features Face snoring and getting waked up.

Clock - Features face being a clock

Red Plane - Features Face seeing a red airplane

Plane - Features Face being an airplane

Train - Features Face being a train

Car - Features Face and a yellow car

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