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Doug and the Little Liar (7)

Loretta Lequigly is Skeeter's secondary light-green-skinned love interest and one of the minor characters from Doug. She was voiced by Fran Brill.


Loretta is from Yakestonia and can speak a few phrases of the language. She has crush on Skeeter. Loretta catches Skeeter's eyes and Doug is convinced that she is a liar, and Skeeter is believing everything she says. Doug ask Fentruck to try to catch Loretta in a lie.


Loretta is a mischievous, sweet, and passionate in a beautiful way. She also has a thing for Skeeter in the Nickelodeon series.

Physical Appearance

She has a light-green skin, green short hair, violet short sleeve shirt, red vest with a matching short knee length skirt, black leather belt, white socks, red and violet shoes, and white panties.

Episode appearances

  • "Doug and the Little Liar"
  • "Doug's Garage Band"
  • "Doug's Great Beat War"
  • "Doug Tips the Scale"
  • "Doug's in the Money"
  • "Doug Throws a Party"


  • Loretta notably never reappeared in Disney's continuation of the series, but Patti mentions her in the episode "Doug Friend's Friend".


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