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Avatar The Last Airbender Love Potion 8 Book
Written by: Molly Reisner
Illustrated by: Patrick Spaziante
Published: December 16, 2008
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Series: Ready-to-Read
ISBN: 978-1416960829

Love Potion #8 is the third Ready-to-Read storybook based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Unlike the previous two Avatar Read-to-Read books, it is not based on any particular episode of the show.


Aang, Katara, Toph, and Sokka celebrate their first lovefeast with their friends, the singing nomads. After drinking a special berry juice called Love Potion #8, they all start letting their true feelings shine-- even Toph! Is the love potion really working?


  • The episode's title is a pun on The Clovers' song "Love Potion #9."

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