The Loud House
"Lynner Takes All"
Season 2, Episode 45B
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Original air date: July 28, 2017
Written by: Sammie Crowley
Whitney Wetta
Directed by: Chris Savino
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"Future Tense" "Yes Man"

"Lynner Takes All" is the second segment of the 45th episode of The Loud House.


The kids get sick of Lynn’s poor sportsmanship, so they decide to compete harder to teach her a lesson. Unfortunately, this only makes Lynn even worse than before and she won’t leave them alone because of it. Eventually, Lynn learns that games are about having fun, and that making excuses only ruins everyone’s fun.


It's game night at the Loud House, and Lincoln explains that he and his sisters dread this day, because Lynn always wins every game they play, and always brag in front of everyone's faces. When the siblings gather in the dining room to play, Lily suggests that they play Go Fish. As they play the game, Lynn manages to win, and begins showboating in front of everybody's faces, which is made worse when Lynn announces that this was her 300th win in a row. When Lynn shoots off some confetti (out of her siblings' homework), the siblings states that they had enough of Lynn always winning. Lincoln suggests that they play a game that Lynn never played before, since she'll most likely lose. The first game they play is called "Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen", which is Lola's game. Lynn didn't want to play it at first, but decides to play it to avoid a loss. As they play the game, Lola appears to be winning, but just before Lola can declare victory, Lynn reads in the rule book anout geting 10s on all three dice at once and getting an instant win. She grabs the dice, and begins to shake them. Just when Lisa says that the chances of getting 10s on all three dice are impossible, Lynn ends up winning, due to all three dice displaying 10s, causing Lola to faint in defeat.

Lana suggests another game called "Plumbing Pro", a game that requires pulling items out without touching the sides. Lynn tries to grab one of the items, but she ends up touching the side, shocking her. Because of this, Lynn has only one more chance, or she'll lose. Lynn walks out of the house, and begin doing some exercises to boost her confidence. She runs back inside, and successfully pulls out all of the items from the toilet, resulting in another victory. Lincoln suggests his game, the Ace Savvy trivia game, since Lynn has no experience in Ace Savvy. However, when he and Lynn play the game, Lincoln has gotten every question wrong, due to Lynn making him lose by telling him that he might choke when he says an answer. When asked "Who is Ace Savvy's sidekick?", Lincoln buzzes in, knowing the answer. However, Lynn psyches him out by saying that it could be a trick question. Under stress, Lincoln answers "Massachusetts", and Lynn answers "One-Eyed Jack", and gets another victory once again.

Just when the siblings start to admit that Lynn is impossible to beat, Lisa suggests that they play a game that requires all of them to go against Lynn as she presents the game called "The Settlers of Cat-Land". The objective is to build as many structures as possible, which can only be done by forming alliances. If no one sides with Lynn, she's sure to lose. Later, the siblings and Lynn play the game, and the siblings end up being tied in first place, while Lynn ends up being in second. The siblings, except Lynn, leave the dining area, and conclude that Lynn should finally stop with her excessive gloating.

The next day, however, Lynn has a more obnoxious side of her gloating, and is starting to become highly competitive, as she begins to chug a carton of milk faster than Lincoln, running up the stairs faster than Leni, build a taller wooden block tower than Lily, create an explosion with chemicals before Lisa, despite it wasn't Lisa's suggestion, washing dishes faster than Lucy, and brushing her teeth faster than Lola. Lynn keeps on doing this competing to all her siblings and saying she can go to sleep faster and snore louder than them.

The next day, Lynn was the first to get up. When the siblings had enough of Lynn's behavior, they attempt to get away from her by going on a peaceful drive, but unfortunately, Lynn chases after them on her bike, showing that she can go faster than them, much to their dismay.

Later at night, the siblings hold a meeting, where they admit that beating Lynn at "The Settlers of Cat-Land" was a bad idea. Lincoln suggests that they hold a rematch, but this time, they'll throw the game so that Lynn will win, and hopefully she'll stop with the obnoxious gloating and bothering everyone. Lynn accepts the rematch, and the siblings begin to play the game again. As they play, the siblings attempt to make Lynn win by giving her any card she requests, placing a valuable card in the card pile for her to pick up, and change the side of the dice to a higher number. As the plan appears to be working, Leni, under stress, grabs the game board, and tosses it out the window, much to everyone's anger. Leni states she was following the plan to throw the game (meaning actually to throw out the game).

With the plan revealed, Lynn asks her siblings why they wanted to lose to her. Lincoln states that they wanted to lose so she can win, in hopes she would stop being competitive with them. Lynn says that she was being like that because she wanted to regain her confidence after losing. Lisa explains that the reason she lost was because of the fact that all of the siblings teamed up and were going against her, because after 300 wins, they couldn't take anymore of her gloating. With all this information, Lynn apologizes to her siblings for the way she was being, and promises that if they give her another chance, she'll start being a good sport, to which the siblings agree to.

Later, after Lynn wins a card game, she tells her siblings "good game", instead of gloating and leaves. She heads outside, walks over to the driveway, then begins gloating once more. The other siblings look out the window, and despite Lynn showing off , they're fine with it, because she's not doing it to their faces.

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