This is a list of episodes of Making Fiends.


Season # Episode # Title Original U.S. airdate
1x01 1 "Charlotte's First Day" October 4, 2008 (2008-10-04)
A happy girl from Vermont named Charlotte comes to the town of Clamburg with her cheerful grandmother Charlene. Charlotte starts at Mu Elementary School right away. Mr. Milk welcomes Charlotte and tells her to take a seat. Then, Vendetta enters the class room and Charlotte starts talking to her. Already now, Charlotte annoys Vendetta, even though she is only nice. Vendetta decides to bring a fiend to Show and Tell the next day. Charlotte brought her hamster, Buttons, her "favorite hamster in the whole world", and a rock, that Vendetta "gave" to her. In real, she threw it. Vendetta brought a tentacle fiend that was supposed to eat Charlotte, but the Giant Kitty saved her.
1x02 1 "A Fiendish Friend" October 4, 2008 (2008-10-04)
Charlotte loves to pretend to be different kind of things. Vendetta suggests to "pretend to be dead". Charlotte starts haunting her at Le Mayonnaise, the fancy restaurant, from "beyond the grave". Vendetta decides to go home. Then she hears sounds from her attic and walks up and sees Charlotte holding chains like a ghost. Vendetta decides to make a scissor fiend to her, which Charlotte befriends.
1x03 1 "Super Evil" October 4, 2008 (2008-10-04)
Charlotte scores "super evil" in a magazine quiz, while Vendetta scores "mostly evil". After this, Vendetta wants to see Charlotte's evil ways, so she starts following her. She gives her the chance to make her own fiend in her kitchen. Charlotte made Mr. Huggles, a pink bear-like fiend that loves and hugs everyone and everything. In the end it turned out that Charlotte did not look at the questions for the quiz, she only draw a pretty picture of a flower.
1x04 2 "Vegetables" October 5, 2008 (2008-10-05)
Charlotte notices that the lunch lady, Mrs. Millet, only serves Vendetta's favorite food; beef jerky, grape punch, and clams. Charlotte wants to have more vegetables on the menu, but when she tries to change it, Vendetta makes some vegetables fiends, which Charlotte later teaches how to sing vegetable song.
1x03 1 "Toupee" October 5, 2008 (2008-10-05)
Mr. Milk has a crush on Ms. Minty, but he does not know how to talk to her. Charlotte gives him an apple because he is the "best teacher in the whole world". Vendetta decides to give him an evil toupee that makes all of his dreams come true, but only if he destroys Charlotte. Mr. Milk tries to destroy her several times, but he fails every time because he is too kind to destroy the only student that gave him an apple.
1x04 2 "Mama Vendetta" October 5, 2008 (2008-10-05)
To remind everyone how powerful she is, Vendetta erects a giant statue of herself. Charlotte likes to swing on the statue's "pretty elbow". To keep Charlotte away from her statue, she creates some exploding pigeon fiends. But they think Vendetta is their mother because, as Charlotte said, "she hatched them with her love". Charlotte takes the role as their father. In the end, Vendetta's statue brakes but she later re-built it again.
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