"Married to the Mom" is the second segment of the 161st episode of The Fairly OddParents.


At school, Timmy and Chloe are walking to class, and Timmy realises that Mr. Crocker is in a bad mood and will take it out on him. The guys decided to wish up a girlfriend for Mr. Crocker, after Chloe guesses that he acts this way because he is lonely. They end up creating the perfect girlfriend for their teacher, named Hummanuh, with the backstory of being Timmy's Aunt.

After Hummanuh was created, she hit it off with Mr. Crocker instantly, and they started to spend all their day time together. She lived at The Turner's House where Timmy convinced his parents that Hummanuh was Mr. Turner's sister. Mr. Turner and Hummunah seemed to not get along well, due to always picking on and tattling on each other. Mr. Crocker then comes over and Hummanuh proposes to him, which he accepts, with the implication that his mother would have to stay with them.

Though quite affectionate toward Mr. Crocker, Hummanuh deems herself "too classy" to live in his mother's basement, and angrily gives him an ultimatum of choosing her or his mother. When she is rejected, Hummanuh becomes incensed, claims she has never been dumped before, and immediately morphs into a gigantic gorilla form, taking off into the city. Timmy and Chloe manage to calm her down by wishing up a new boyfriend for her.

Dolores-Day Crocker flies in on a plane to save Mr. Crocker, and he realises that he has someone at home he already loves, being his mother. He thanks Timmy for helping him come to that realisation.

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