"Men at Work" is the 36th episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. 


To raise money to replace the gold he burned up, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen decide to get jobs at McSpanky's Burger Factory, but Jimmy isn't pleased with the humiliating tasks, so he decides to soup up the restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant gains a mind of it's own and decides to destroy any food joint in town after Hugh talks about how he'd rather be at Taco Shack which makes costumer satisfaction drop to very unsatisfied.


  • The slang that Sheen and Carl say in this episode is an obvious spoof of the In-N-Out Burger slang.
  • This is the only physical appearance of McSpanky's.
  • The Space Bandits vow to find Skeet, but as seen in their later appearances, they never make good on this promise.