Danny Phantom
"Micro Management"
Season 2, Episode 33
Original air date: January 27, 2006
Written by: Steve Marmel
Matt Wayne
Directed by: Wincat Alcala
Kevin Petrilak
Butch Hartman
Episode chronology
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"Flirting With Disaster" "Beauty Marked"
"Micro Management" is the 33rd episode of Danny Phantom.


Jack's newest invention shrinks both Danny and Dash, as well as Skulker, literally down to size. As Danny's powers slowly start to short out, he must make his way to the invention and unshrink himself before his secret is exposed to Dash.

Home video releases

  • Danny Phantom: Season 2
  • Danny Phantom: Season 2, Part 1
  • Danny Phantom: Season 2, Part 2
  • Danny Phantom: The Complete Series

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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