"Mother's Day"
Season 4, Episode 67
Chuckie with photo of Melinda
Production code: 998
Original air date: May 6, 1997
Written by: Jon Cooksey
Ali Marie Matheson
J. David Stem
David Weiss
Directed by: Norton Virgien
Toni Vian
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"Chanukah" "Vacation"
"Mother's Day" is the 67th episode of Rugrats.


The Rugrats celebrate Mother's Day, and Chuckie wonders about his late mother. Chaz however, doesn't want to talk about his wife since he is broken up about it. When Chuckie finds old photos of his mother, Chaz decides to share his memories with Chuckie as father and son.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Mommy Mania
  • Rugrats: Season 4

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