Nesmith planet sheen
Mr. Nesmith
Planet Sheen character
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by Bob Joles
First appearance Pilot (Planet Sheen)
Last appearance Banana Quest
Character information
Full name
Species Ape
Other names Mr. Monkey
Occupation Test pilot
Citizenship Zeenu
Allies Sheen Estevez, Doppy, Aseefa
Enemies Dorkus, Pinter

Mr. Nesmith is Jimmy's Planet Sheen counterpartApperently his brain cells have been enhanced after he broke into Zeenu's atmosphere. There's way more to this Chimp than a name tag. He is a master of all things intellectual including math, science and sudoku. He has been camping out on Zeenu since his rocket crashed there back in the '60s. He may not be the most patient chimp when it comes to Sheen's antics, but he is the one person who can help Sheen get home and repair the rocket.

Mr. Nesmith's character came from Micheal Nesmith from the Monkees. He wears a wool hat just like the real Nesmith did. 

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