Mr. and Mrs. Turner are Timmy Turner's parents in The Fairly OddParents. They are both quite dim-witted and do not seem to give much attention to their son's well-being, to the point that they do not realize his babysitter, Vicky, is evil. Mrs. Turner is a mostly unsuccessful real estate saleswoman and also a terrible gardener, while Mr. Turner works at a company called Pencil Nexus and greatly despises his neighbor and coworker, Sheldon Dinkleberg.


  • When Mr. and Mrs. Turner originally appeared in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, they were only visible from the neck down, which is a nod to how the titular heroes' parents are depicted in one of Cartoon Network's original series, Cow and Chicken.  For some reason when The Fairly OddParents became a regular hit Nicktoon show and their character designs have been slightly changed, their faces were shown, making them both visible in full-bodied form.


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