"My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot" is a short originally featured as the third segment of the 26th episode of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It serves as the pilot to My Life as a Teenage Robot and would eventually be remade as the first official episode of the series, "It Came From Next Door".


Tuck, while practicing baseball, hits a ball that flies through a window in neighbor Nora Wakeman's front door. Brad instructs Tuck to get the baseball back, but when Tuck knocks at the door nobody arrives. He wanders inside, seeing various pieces of machinery and robot parts strewn about. When he reaches the baseball, it is handed to him by a shadowy, imposing figure. Tuck flees without taking the ball, where he is intercepted by Brad and informs Tuck that he encountered a "hideous bloodthirsty robot". Mrs. Wakeman overhears this conversation, and Brad tries to explain the situation, but Mrs. Wakeman does not respond.

Mrs. Wakeman walks back in her house berates XJ-9 for having left her room and instructs her that she must not encounter any of the human population. She instructs Jenny that there is a meteor warning, but Jenny disregards it because the meteors typically burn up in the atmosphere. When Mrs. Wakeman leaves the room, Brad walks into Jenny's window and meets Jenny. The two leave and hang out, playing hackey sack and chasing ice cream trucks, among other things, while Tuck reluctantly tags along. However, the hackey sack which Jenny booted through the atmosphere became part of the meteor, meaning it is now planet destroyer class.

Jenny rockets off to destroy the meteor, and dispatches it quickly, but she accidentally took Tuck along with her attacked to her wings. While Tuck is a bit charred from re-entry, he is impressed by Jenny's abilities and declares her to be "so cool". Mrs. Wakeman oversees this conversation, and decides that giving XJ-9 some time off couldn't hurt. However, the camera pans out to outer space, where several (presumably hostile) spaceships are closing in on Earth.


  • While there are some similarities between the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short and the first episode, there are some differences as well:
    • Tuck's older design has a slighter older appearance than the newer one.
    • Dr. Wakeman's look appears to be almost all white compared to the newer, more colorful one.
    • Brad was voiced by a female who was replaced by Chad Doreck.