This is a "List of Tips" of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide season 3.

The New Grade

  • Make “New Grade Resolutions”.
  • New grades are better with new friends.
  • Don’t worry if the first day isn’t perfect.
  • Stick with Resolutions.
  • Don’t judge a teacher by their first day.
  • try to stay with some new people. new people = new friends. But don't forget the old ones.

Dodge Ball

  • Stay elusive, stay in the game.
  • Feed balls to best throwers.
  • Use the lob and drill attack.
  • If you want to avoid getting hit, stay near the coach. They will try to throw the ball at you less.
  • Keep your knees bent to increase your reflexes.
  • Have the faster runners to get the balls.


  • Keep a schedule, if you have to read a novel, calculate how many pages per day you have to read. 8-10 pages a day sounds alot less scary than a 220 page novel.
  • Online quick notes help you keep on track. Note: It is not a replacement for actual reading.
  • Start a book club.
  • Actually read the book.


  • See the principal for problems.
  • Get to know the principal.
  • Always go to the principal if your being bullied.


  • If you’re not popular in the top ten, you’re popular in your top ten.
  • Don’t try to be popular. It’s not worth the hassle.
  • It's silly to look up to popular kids cause they're just like us.
  • If you don't think you're popular you probably are. You're popular if most people in the school like you or know you.
  • Be popular if you are in top ten.
  • If you are not popular, don't try to be popular because it's hard to keep it up.

Stressing Out

  • Too much stress isn’t healthy so avoid too much stress.
  • Don’t let stress vision get the best of you cause things aren’t that bad.
  • Over-scheduled? Schedule some goof off time.
  • Grades are important but not the most important thing in life .


  • Make a pit stop before the big ride home.
  • Use dismissal as de-stress and wind down time.
  • Have a dismissal check - list.

The School Play

  • Actors (Take center stage).
  • Like Acting? The play is where to start.
  • Don’t act? Work behind the scenes:
  • Lighting and effects (make it look and sound alive).
  • Wardrobe/costume (To wear? or not to wear?).
  • Stage Manager (makes everything go smoothly).
  • Stage Hands (put everything in the right place).
  • Ask or audition to work lights or background announcer.

Art Class

  • Wear smocks and hats or wear your art.
  • Not a painter? Ask about photography projects.
  • Make art class, homemade gift time.
  • Arts not an easy A+ you have to work at it .
  • Just express your self !

Lost & Found

  • Chain it and don’t lose it.
  • Put your name on everything
  • (May have been a joke, but still good advice) Don't put your name on your underwear. If you lose those, you don't want anybody to know.
  • Don't take anybody elses things from lost & found, because sooner or later they will find out.

Social Studies

  • Keep extra notebooks, pencils, etc.
  • Ask your teacher if you can record the lectures, so if you miss something, you can just rewind.


  • Always keep extra clothes in your locker in case of accidental wetting.
  • Be careful what you eat.
  • Know what to say before you say it.
  • Don't overeat those "Fart Starters" *(like Eggplant,broccoli,and beans).
  • Always check teeth after Lunch.
  • Always check your zipper!.
  • If someone laughs at you just laugh and say oops.

The Bus

  • Use bus time for homework time.
  • Look before you sleep.
  • Use the shift to protect your seat.
  • Use the “seat hop” to move around the bus.

Bad Hair Days

  • For guys,hats hide grease,grime,and fleas.
  • For girls,scrunchies,and clips can tame the wildest mane.
  • And nothing cures a bad hair day like a good haircut.


  • Don’t do it. It’s an endless line where nobody wins.
  • If you feel like getting revenge on someone, talk to a counselor

School Records

  • Your permanent record follows you to high school,so don't do bad things.
  • If you do good things, good things could happen in return.

The Library

  • Don’t wait to get to the library.
  • Can’t find a book? Find out who has it.
  • The library isn't just for checking out books You can also make friends in the library.


  • Get your friends to pitch in, it’ll be fun.
  • A few hours can make a huge difference.
  • Never judge that you won't have fun. Just try it and maybe you'll have a great time.


  • Beware of “The Reverse Commute”.
  • Find alternate routes if you have a reverse commute.
  • You can talk to friends (or that special someone), but make it snappy.
  • Never get caught running or without a pass
  • Stay away from bullies.
  • Get a map of the school to chart the quickest path for different classes or occasions.

Friends Moving

  • Have a far away friend? Make phone dating.
  • IM'ing and web cams keep far away friends close.


  • Never tell a girl nasty things or she will get revenge
  • Take a class/clubs boys like.
  • Stuck? Take a ride or take a walk.
  • Never be bummed, go with a day with the boys.
  • If you really like someone ask them out.
  • Stay away from girls with weird habits.
  • NEVER ask a girl out just because shes "hot". Try to get to know her and like her for her. Your relationship will last longer. DON'T RUSH IT!
  • Always try to show effort in gym class. Boys love a challenge.


  • Get involved in activities that girls like.
  • Never do stuff she thinks that's gross or you will regret it
  • When around girls: listen more, talk less.
  • Be honest and be yourself around girls.
  • Girls: They wear shoes and smell nice.
  • For boys and girls. If you are nervous, just take a deep breath and be yourself.
  • wear deodorant
  • Don't Show Off It Just Backfires.
  • If you like a girl just ask them out or take your time by becoming friends.
  • Complement them.
  • Don't act like a jerk around girls just to make you look cool. It makes you look like a fool, and girls won't like you for that. In fact, they will probably try to avoid you. Be honest with your feelings, and if you like a girl, just come right out and say it, they will appreciate you being honest with them, and that will raise your chance of getting a girlfriend.
  • Don`t burp around a girl because they think its gross.
  • Choose a nice girlfriend only,if you choose an evil girlfriend,you will be sick of it unless you actually like evil girlfriends

Cell phones

  • Never make a call while doing something else.
  • Always recharge your battery.Because you don't want your phone to run out during an emergency.
  • Keep it in your lockers.
  • Turn off your phone when you get to school you don't want people to call you in class.
  • Don't let a lot of people use your phone unless it's an emergency.
  • When you "talk walk" make sure you look forward.
  • Only call when you are NOT in class. Otherwise teachers will keep your phone for the rest of the week.


  • Give stuff back if you steal it so its just tempararily borrowing
  • Think before doing it
  • Is it worth hurting other people for your own gain?

Getting ready the night before school

  • If you want to use that extra 10 minutes of sleep, take a shower at night.
  • Always get your clothes ready at night, and if you forgot to do it last night, scramble and get some worn down clothes.
  • If you have chores and homework and it's almost 9:00, ask your mom to do the rest of your chores another night.
  • Always get up 1 hour to 2 hours before school starts.
  • Get your books ready.
  • Do homework on the bus or when you get home so you don't have to worry about it the next day.
  • Make a list to see if you are done so you don't forget to do a homework.

Getting Organized

  • Get rid of clutter once a week.
  • If you go calendar, make sure to mark down the days that a quiz,test and special events are coming up in your locker or back pack.
  • Lay out your clothes every night for more time in the morning.
  • Always have pencils handy.
  • Designate spots for important things.
  • Go expanding file so paper doesn't get crumbled.
  • Make a planer and see if you need to do something for school or get something done.
  • Clean your locker every 3 weeks and see if you need to throw something out.

Extra Credit

  • If you get pretty low grades, make a extra credit report to move up in class.
  • Don't make too many extra credit reports at one time! You'll get mixed up!
  • Don't forget to spend as much time on the written part!


  • Use inexpensive and used prizes for games.
  • If it’s “fun”, people will pay to play.
  • Volunteer to paint boards for new games.
  • Try having a car wash or throw sponges at teachers
  • Don’t be boring. Make fundraising fun - raising.


  • Competition can be a motive.
  • Don’t enter a competition if you’re not ready.
  • Don’t let competitions take over your life.

Making New Friends

  • Don't judge someone because of their clothes or face.
  • Ask people to join your table and make friends.

Positives & Negatives

  • Being Positive is contagious.
  • Unfortunately, so is being negative.
  • If you have 2 negative people in school, get them together to turn them on the positive side.


  • Need cash fast? Try babysitting, pet care and cleaning services.
  • Know what and when you’re getting paid.
  • Ask or remind your boss when you're getting paid.
  • Remember, there is no such thing as "easy money". If you want money, you got to work hard at it.
  • Always take emergency money in case you forget lunch or if you need a notebook, go to a local school store and buy one with the money.


  • Dress nicely, but be yourself.
  • Keep your breath fresh, avoid stinky foods.
  • And have fun at parties.


  • More than a class, health is a lifesaver so pay attention.
  • Take care of mood swings by eating breakfast.
  • Take care of an embarrassing itch by taking shower regularly.
  • When someone is choking, press your fist below the person's ribs then cover it with your other hand then thrust upwards until it's dislodged.
  • DON'T Worry! Just look around your class, and remember...This will eventually happen to all of your classmmates!


  • Be confident, be grateful, not jealous.
  • Control jealousy; don’t let it control you.
  • Don't be to jealous with someone else.


  • Face the facts for multiple choice.
  • Never second guess, you’re first answer is probably right.
  • Study hard to do good
  • Go with a study group before the test starts.
  • Take a week to be a geek.
  • Study every night when you go to sleep.
  • Ask a teacher if you don't get something.
  • Always have flash cards handy so you can make any time a study time.

When You Like Someone Who is Going Out With Someone Else

  • Be Vice boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Be nice and make yourself a potential date.
  • Don’t come down too strong.
  • Never act goofy or bad things can happen.
  • Remember that relationships RARELY last forever.
  • Try not to get jealous, remember, they will eventually break up.
  • Don't Be a goof
  • Try to act nice around he/she's boyfriend or girlfriend, as soon as there available aske them out ASAP

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