Nick Records (also known as Nickelodeon Records or Nick Music) is a record label made by Nickelodeon in 1995. The group identifies and
showcases new and emerging young musical artists, up-and-coming talent from the network, and produces soundtrack and compilations based on

Nickelodeon TV shows.

A primary focus of the label is filling a void in the preteen (10–14 year olds) entertainment marketplace by producing music compilations from contemporary artists, original music and performances by popular Nick stars, as well as, talent from Nickelodeon's digital teen network, TeenNick. In addition, the label has established itself in the preschool market, with current releases from Nick Jr. shows filling the children's charts.

Due to Nickelodeon's deal with Sony Music Entertainment Nick Records currently only operates as a Vanity Label as Sony handles all releasing, marketing and distribution.

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