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Nick on CBS

Nick on CBS was a Saturday morning children's programming block on CBS that began on September 16, 2000, replacing CBS Kidshow. This Saturday morning block presented programming from Nick Jr., which at the time shared common ownership with CBS under Viacom. When the block first properly aired, the "Face" character provided the continuity.

On September 14, 2002, Nick Jr. on CBS was re-branded as Nick on CBS, and airing both Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. shows. The Nickelodeon shows were removed in 2005 in favor for a return to an exclusively-Nick Jr. block. The block's continuity was provided by segments featuring Piper O'Possum.

At the beginning of New Year's Eve 2005, Viacom was split into two different companies, with CBS Corporation becoming its own standalone company and Nickelodeon going to the new Viacom. Nick Jr. on CBS ended on September 9, 2006 and was replaced by KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS on September 16, 2006, as part of a multi-year partnership between CBS and Cookie Jar Entertainment.

All programming during the block, as is standard for Saturday morning network programming, was labeled as meeting E/I requirements. Nickelodeon's most popular animated programming of the time (except for SpongeBob SquarePants and Fairly Odd Parents, which aired as one-time special presentations outside of the block) was not included in the block, both to protect their own successful Saturday morning lineup on Nickelodeon itself and because those shows could not have been classified under the E/I designation.

Nick Jr. on CBS (2000-02)

2000 - 01

Nick Jr on CBS Line-Up 2000-2002 2
Time slot Show
8:00 Blue's Clues
8:30 Dora the Explorer
9:00 Little Bill
9:30 Little Bear
10:00 Franklin
10:30 Kipper
11:00 Maisy
11:30 Maggie and the Ferocious Beast


Time slot Show
8:00 Blue's Clues
8:30 Dora the Explorer
9:00-10:00 The Early Show
10:00 Little Bill
10:30 Oswald
11:00 Franklin
11:30 Bob the Builder

Nick on CBS (2002-05)


Nick on CBS 2002-2003

Note: The line-up was changed in January 25, 2003.

Time slot Show
7:00 Blue's Clues
7:30 Dora the Explorer
The Wild Thornberrys
8:00 Hey Arnold!


8:30 The Wild Thornberrys
Hey Arnold!
11:00 As Told by Ginger
Dora the Explorer
11:30 Pelswick
Blue's Clues

(2003 - 04)

Nick on CBS 2003-2004
Time slot Show
7:00 The Wild Thornberrys
7:30 Hey Arnold!
8:00 ChalkZone
8:30 Little Bill
11:00 Dora the Explorer
11:30 Blue's Clues


Nick on CBS 2004-2005
Time slot Show
7:00 Hey Arnold!
7:30 ChalkZone
8:00 All Grown Up!
8:30 The Brothers Garcia
11:00 Dora the Explorer
11:30 Blue's Clues

Nick Jr. on CBS (2005 - 06)


Nick Jr. on CBS 2005-2006

Note: Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends was replaced by Go, Diego, Go! in Spring 2006.

Time slot Show
7:00 LazyTown
7:30 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
Go, Diego, Go!
8:00 The Backyardigans
8:30 Dora the Explorer
11:00 Little Bill
11:30 Blue's Clues

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