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Nickel Flicks 
Genre: Family 
Creator: N/A 
Director: N/A 
Developer: N/A 
Presenter: John Moschitta, Jr. 
Starring: John Moschitta, Jr. 
Voices: N/A 
Narrator: N/A 
Theme composer: N/A 
Opening theme: N/A 
End theme: N/A 
Number of seasons: N/A 
Number of episodes: N/A 
List of episodes: N/A 
Executive producer: N/A 
Producer: John Moschitta, Jr. 
Asst. producer: N/A 
Editor: N/A 
Location: N/A 
Camera: N/A 
Runtime: 30 min. 
Picture format: NTSC 
Audio format: N/A 
First run: April ,1979 - 1980 
First aired: 1979 
Last aired: 1980 
Preceded by: N/A 
Followed by: N/A 
Related: N/A 
Offical website: N/A 
Nickel Flicks at 
Nickel Flicks at

Nickel Flicks (a.k.a. Nickel Flicks #1, Nickel Flicks #2, or Nickel Flicks 3) is a television series that aired on Nickelodeon from April of 1979 until 1980. The show was like a program block.


Nickel Flicks would show old films from the 1930's and 40's, it would come on 4 times a day on weekdays and ran for a half hour.


The host of the series, John Moschitta, Jr. ended up going on to greater fame and starred in FedEx commercials.



Nickel Flicks aired 4 times every weekday and only 1 time on weekends.. THe show aired on weekdays at 3:30PM, 5:30PM, 7:30PM, and 9:30PM; and weekends at 5:30PM.


Nickel Flicks ended in January of 1980. Nick and More only has the schedule for January 31, 1980.


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