Nickelodeon Latin America
Launched: December 20, 1996
Owned by: MTV Networks Latin America

Nickelodeon Latin America is a cable and satellite television channel, counterpart of the American network Nickelodeon. It is oriented to the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin American and the Caribbean, mainly for children and teens. It is owned by MTV Networks Latin America. The channel was launched on December 20, 1996. It includes shows like Skimo and the hit teen drama Isa TKM and its successor Isa TK+. The channel has a broadband channel called Nick Turbo (being the Latin American version of TurboNick). Nickelodeon Latin America is divided into three feeds: North, Central and South. Brazil has its own dedicated Portuguese language channel, Nickelodeon Brasil. 


Nickelodeon Latin America is divided into four different feeds for its transmission in the Latin American region.

  • North Feed: Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti (in Haitian French).
  • Central Feed: Colombia, Central America, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
  • South Feed: Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
  • Atlantic Feed: Brazil (in Brazilian Portuguese)


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