On this page all old news comes, it's no excuse to not know rules that are listed here.


The Older News: 2009
Date of news The news
05 August 2009 Starting of today there is a new front page. There is a new poll and of course a news-field.
Also new is "the previous poll", so you can see still the results of previous polls, but new ones can stay coming!
08 August 2009 Clean Up: We, the crew, are busy with cleaning this place up.
Maybe a bit late to say (700 articles already deleted), but the new front page exists only a few days.
Also notable: the most often reasons are:
  • "No (real) content", "Not enough content", "Poorly Written",
  • "Author needed", "Vandalism", "Unneeded" & "Not Nickelodeon Related"

It can be that your articles disappear, but notable:
Needed articles will come back.
For questions, etc. can you go to the Forum: Index.

Ok, part 1 of the Nickipedia clean-up is over. About 1000 articles are deleted.
Also 200 pictures are already deleted, but that's a clean-up appart...
Now we are re-looking at pages and there's happening more: Redesigning & rewriting!
Some examples:

Those are already redesigned...
Now will start part 2, and it will take probably a few months... Expected is that the whole clean-up won't be finished in 2009...
Something other: A new poll is online: So vote... New users won't have seen the old logo.
So I've set 2 links above the poll: one to the new logo, and one to the old one...


The Poll News
Date of news The news
06 September 2009 This was poll, which had 190 votes and ran from 5 August 2009 - 6 September 2009)
Did you like the SpongeBob SpongeBash?

115 Votes: Yes! It was awesome!
011 Votes: A little bit.
009 Votes: Certainly not.
055 Votes: I haven't seen it.

07 September 2010 This poll ran from 06 September 2009 until 07 September 2010 and had 1066 votes.
Which Nickipedia logo do you like the most?
The new Nickelodeon styled Nickipedia Logo or the old Nick-Splat Nickipedia Logo.

Votes in total: 1066
377 Votes: The new one in the new Nickelodeon style.
689 Votes: The one of August with the Nick-splat.

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