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Nickipedia is an open source encyclopedia about the TV channel, Nickelodeon since 28 April 2005. New to the Nick Wiki? Well, browse it and learn about it. To write a new article for the wiki, enter the page title in the box below.

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Nickipedia is a fan-made Nickelodeon information database collaboration. We are not affiliated with Nickelodeon, its sponsors, owners, etc. Please do not publish sensitive information such as your address or phone number here, as it can be seriously dangerous and might cause theft or fraud.

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Did You Know?

  • Big Time Rush was picked up for a fourth season!
  • iCarly just finished shooting the emotional series finale.
  • Figure It Out used to be a '90s Nick Show with older Nick stars appearing on it.
  • Season three of House of Anubis is in production but without the series lead, Nathalia Ramos, who left after the second season.
  • Splatalot! is a Nick show that started in Canada.
  • Supah Ninjas second season is premiering soon!
  • Cee Lo Green is guest starring on a new two-part episode of How to Rock'.
  • Nickelodeon has greenlit another project based around Lucas Cruikshank! It's a comedy called Marvin, Marvin,.
  • The Legend of Korra was at first supposed to be a miniseries with very few episodes but now it has already been renewed for a second season with only half of the episodes of the first season aired.
  • Robot and Monster debuted on Nick a few days ago. Not much has been advertised for this series but be sure to catch an episode because it's hilarious.
  • A sequel to A Fairy Odd Movie will premiere this December. It will be Christmas themed.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy won a Daytime Emmy Award for its Outstanding Animation!

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