O'Come All Ye Rabbids

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Rabbids Invasion
"O'Come All Ye Rabbids"
Season 1, Episode 26A
Airdate: December 6, 2014
Written by: Mélanie Duval
Directed by: Franz Kirchner
Episode chronology
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"Sneezy Rabbid" "Slippery and Soapy"
"O'Come All Ye Rabbids" is the first segment of the 26th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


In order to have the christhmas spirit, the rabbids are tryng to make a christhmas tree and have presents, but they keep failing, at the end, a car accident gives them all the stuff they need, and they sing christhmas songs.


  • This is the first segment to be a last episode of 2014 and the season 1 finale.
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