"One of a Kind" is the third episode of Danny Phantom.


Danny is up all night fighting the Box Ghost and attracts the attention of a Ghost hunter named Skulker, who vows to catch Danny Phantom. Next day, Danny finds that he gets a D on the biology test. Sam suggests that he should do extra credit by doing a report on the purple back gorilla. Plus, Tucker put Danny's schedule into his PDA. But now Danny's in more trouble because Skulker (he's know to catch things rare and unique) has spotted Danny and is trying to capture to him, and just as soon as Danny met his doom, Skulker spotted Tucker's PDA and attached it to his armor. He gains more power, but now he keeps flying off to a new location, due to Danny schedule on the PDA. Danny's very lucky, but how long will it last?

Home video releases

  • Danny Phantom: Season 1 (both versions)
  • Danny Phantom: Ghost Hunter
  • Danny Phantom: The Complete Series

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