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This article is about the series. For the protagonist of this series, see Oobi (character).

Oobi Logo
Genre: Preschool
Created by: Josh Selig
Country of origin: {{{country}}}
# of episodes: 49 shorts
26 full-length episodes
Running time: 3 minutes (shorts)
22 minutes (full-length)
Original run: August 2000 - June 2007

Oobi is an American children's TV series, created by Josh Selig. It is the first Noggin original series.

The series ended with 49 shorts and two waves of full-length episodes (26 in total). It is currently available as part of the Noggin mobile subscription service.


Oobi Noggin Nick Jr TV Show Main Cast Uma Kako Grampu Hand Puppets Nickelodeon

The cast of the show.

Oobi premiered on the Noggin network in 2000. It was originally commissioned as interstitial programming for the channel, and was created when Noggin was still a joint venture between Viacom and Sesame Workshop. Forty-nine shorts and twenty-six full-length episodes were produced. Production ended in 2004.

Reruns of the series continued to air until the Noggin channel's closure. It was also seen on the Nickelodeon base channel for a brief period of time in 2003, as part of the Nick Jr. block.


The series focuses on a curious young hand puppet named Oobi, his sister Uma, his best friend Kako and his grandfather Grampu. Every character speaks in simplified sentences so that children learning to speak and listen will be able to comprehend them easily.


Oobi Grampu Uma Kako Noggin Nick Jr. Hand Puppet TV Show

The main characters. From top to bottom: Grampu, Kako, Oobi and Uma.

Main characters

  • Oobi is the protagonist of the show. He is a young male hand puppet in grade school, and a very curious character.
  • Uma is Oobi's younger sister. She wears a purple-and-blue barrette in the full-length episodes.
  • Kako is Oobi's slightly arrogant best friend. He is supposedly of Spanish descent and can usually be found wearing a red hat.
  • Grampu is Oobi's wise, caring, and sometimes rather unlucky grandfather. He often says "Lovely!" and is an excellent role model.

Recurring characters

  • Inka is Oobi's piano teacher, who speaks with a thick accent and usually wears jewelry. She has never interacted with Uma.
  • Angus is one of Oobi's friends. He is almost always nervous and talks in a nasally voice.
  • Mrs. Johnson is a senior citizen living in the same neighborhood as Oobi. She has a cat named Kitty, whom she cares for deeply.
  • Maestru is the director of the local community center's singing group. He can seem strict at times.
  • Frieda is a young foot, first introduced in the "New Friend!" episode. Unlike most other characters in the series, she is not a hand puppet.


The series was given a 5-star rating by Common Sense Media.[1] The review stated that "when it comes to preschool programming, Oobi really breaks the mold, succeeding in its simplicity."



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