Oobi is the main character of the Noggin series of the same name. He is a bare-hand puppet portrayed by Tim Lagasse.


Oobi has fair skin and pink fingernails. In the shorts, his eyes are a dark shade of brown. In the full-length episodes, his eyes are hazel.


Oobi is friendly and inquisitive. His good-natured and ever-curious demeanor is a personality that young children can easily relate to. Oobi's favorite pastimes include playing catch and visiting his best friend, Kako.


  • According to an interview with the series' creator, Josh Selig, Oobi's name was chosen because of "the two O's and the relation between the eyeballs."
  • Oobi and Grampu's eyes are of slightly different sizes, though they are the same color.
  • Oobi does not appear in several shorts (notably "Bongo Drums!" and "Flush!"). However, he is present in each short's opening sequence.


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